Guildmaster’s Guide

Welcome! My name is Trouble.  Yes, yes, I know I have an odd name.  Trust me, I earned my name.  I am the Guildmaster of the Legion of the Lionheart Academy in the world of Arielia.  Oh? Never heard of it? Hmmm… I keep forgetting about the portals.  Well, no matter.  The Legion of the Lionheart trains those who seek Adventure! Danger! Magic! I am a Warlock.  I specialize in many spells. No, you will not be learning those, HaHaHa.  I don’t think Niki would be happy if I taught anyone how to rain ice down upon your enemies in this realm.  Here you will find all sorts of articles, classes, training programs and even books for free or few coin.  These are all designed to help you learn about Spiritual matters, how to change how we think, and so much more!  You know, the ones Allowed in this world.

Sigh, I did promise I would TRY to stay out of Trouble here… get it? HaHaHa Anyways, have fun!

Oh, Ok. You twisted my arm.  I will include articles, books and training on things across realms 😉  

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*Disclaimer- The world of Arielia™ is a world created by my husband for use in our ttrpg games.  Trouble is my Original Character (OC) in one of our games.  She is a Tiefling, Celestial Warlock whose patron is the Goddess Sekhmet.  My husband and I created the Guild, Legion of the Lionheart to train would-be adventures in all classes of combat and magic.  It is an original construct of  Niki and Billy Jones, who retain all intellectual rights.* Dungeons and Dragons we well as any other Table Top Roleplaying Games are a wonderful way to get creative! Have FUN! Unwind! Try it sometime.

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