Magical Self-Acceptance Mastery Course

Do you find yourself giving your friends and family more compassion and forgiveness than you do yourself?

Do you feel like you need to hide parts of who you are because you are not comfortable or happy with those parts?

If I asked you to name all the people you loveā€¦ How long would it take for you to name yourself?

Are you open minded to Spiritual methods to aid this shift into Self-Love and Acceptance?

Magical Self-Acceptance Mastery is a step-by-step program that will show you how to Craft Conscious Rituals for Positive Self-Talk and Shift your Thoughts in 60 Days.


8 live group coaching sessions on zoom to create new practices to build and maintain Compassion, Love, Acceptance of Yourself. Replays get sent out in case you miss the live class.

Energy Healing in each Lesson, 1 Guided Meditation, and Magical Rituals that create these changes at the Soul and Energetic Levels in each group coaching session. Yes, you still benefit from all the Energies even when watching the replay. Universal Energies are timeless and travel through technology as easily as they do air.

Access to the Uniquely Inspired Group Healing sessions for the duration of the course. These weekly live sessions are full of Energy Healing, Tarot/Oracle Readings and Channeled Messages with your Spiritual Teams. Replays get sent out so everyone still benefits, even if they cannot make the live. (usually $33 per month, so you get a $66 value FREE)

*Unlimited Access to the Adventurous Spirit Academy Private Facebook group! This group is designed to help provide accountability, support, validation, tips, and more! Here you will be able to connect with other open-minded people on a similar journey. I will offer advice, support, journal prompts, articles, Meditations, and more in the group. You will be able to report on your homework within the group or to me via email if you prefer a more private discussion. The choice is yours.

Outcome: By the end of this program, you will have:

  1. A Conscious Routine that will continuously improve your Self-Acceptance.
  2. Reduced Negative Intrusive Thoughts and Increased Supporting Thoughts.
  3. Increased comfort and confidence in shining your true self in all situations.

Who is this program for? People who are open minded to Spiritual Methods and Energy Healing who want to remove attachments to limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns to aid them in fully embracing the Essence of who they are.

Who is this program not for? People who don’t accept Spiritual, Holistic, or Alternative practices.

Cost: $828 for the full program. Why 828? That number means new opportunities are opening up for you to connect with your intuition, your higher self and your own heart. This Angel Number tells us that we are Loved and Supported by our Spiritual Teams. End the toxic relationship with your own inner critic! Embrace yourself for you are Worthy!

The course will run Every Tuesday, Oct 3- Nov 21, 2023 via zoom at 2pm-4pm EST.

Come Make Magic with me and Transform your Life!

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