Meditations, Musings and Self Care

Hello there! My name is Blade and I will be your instructor today.  I am a Bard who is well versed in many things.  Wait, you don’t know what a Bard is?  Don’t you have them here on Earth?  Ohhhh… I remember! You DO have Bards, only you call them entertainers, artists, speakers and the like.  We wield Magic with Music or our chosen art craft.  Mine happens to be Music.  I can cast spells though my guitar, lute and mandolin! I love to play in taverns and regale the audience with the epic deeds of my group the Second Dawn! We fought cultists and Dragons you know.  Wait? You don’t? Oh it’s your Lucky Day! Lemme tell you all about our adventures!

Sigh, I just remembered why Niki brought me here.  Sorry, tales of our victories will have to wait.  There is villain here that is so powerful it can influence Millions! That is just Crazy! No one should be that powerful!  This Devil must be stopped!  Even if you don’t know it’s name I am confident you have felt it’s vile tentacles before.  This Evil is known as Imposter Syndrome.  Just knowing it’s name can give you power over it.  Names have power no matter what world you are in.  Imposter Syndrome can make anyone, and I mean ANYONE feel like they are less than, they don’t belong, they don’t have what it takes.  Everyone has felt this way before in many times in their lives.  It comes with the territory of learning new things!  Transformations are always messy in the middle.  I will give you the tools you can use to defeat this Devil when it comes for you.  It is tenacious and will keep trying to bring you down at different points in your growth.  This is normal.  Trust me, Everyone has to fight this beast.  You are never alone!

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The following articles are more personal and go more in depth in the shadows that many people face daily. There may be some triggering subjects as we delve into our shadows to bring them to light for love and healing.

*Disclaimer- Blade is my Original Character (OC) in ttrpg games my husband and I play.  She is a Bard from the College of Swords, proficient in music, magic and deadly with knives and swords.  Hence the stage name she goes by. If you are interested in the adventure she mentioned, check out the D&D books Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat.  All intellectual rights to this character belong to Niki Jones* Dungeons and Dragons we well as any other Table Top Roleplaying Games are a wonderful way to get creative! Have FUN! Unwind! Try it sometime.

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