Free to Play- Inner Child Guided Healing Meditation


Free to Play is a Guided Meditation that is designed to bring some Joy into the healing process. This session is full of Supporting, Secure, and Uplifting Universal Energies that will help you feel Light and Free while healing.

Doing any inner child work can feel daunting and overwhelming. Let me help bring some Fun into the Mix! When we are happier and lighter, we are more open to Healing! We are more open to the possibility of letting go of our burdens.

Allow me to help you release some burdens and open your heart to Fun, Joy, Beauty and More! This Guided Meditation is 29 minutes long. Why 29? The Angel Number 29 brings us messages of New Beginnings! This is what I am helping you do during this session. Create Your New Beginning!

Price is in US Dollar amount. There is no tax and no shipping required as this is a downloadable file. There are No Refunds.