Hail and Well Met Seeker,

My name is Niki and welcome to my lair. I am a Spiritual Coach trained in the Shamnic Arts, a Medium, Psychopomp, Death Doula, story and song writer who uses technology in my craft. My passion is to help people transform into the best versions of themselves! I use Shamanic and Spiritual techniques; energy healing and channeling; divination and mentoring to help you feel better; learn about your spiritual team; connect with them; and co-create with Fate to create the life you have always dreamed of! I use creative writing and my love of Table Top Role Playing Games as inspiration on my website. Getting creative is a wonderful way to inspire, connect and have fun while doing so.

The three pictures below are links to different pages. I have my Transformative services at the Time for Change picture. The Guildmaster’s Guide, at the classroom picture, is a creative way for me to get information and resources to you. The Meditations and Musings page is at the serene water and stones picture. This page has articles that give tips on various methods to de-stress, center yourself, connect to nature and the Divine.

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I created a Facebook Group designed to help each other get creative in any manner that sets your Soul alight with Love and Fire! Creativity of ALL kinds help us connect to our inner voice, our inner power, our passionate side! Share your creations and let us celebrate them together!

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