Hail and Well Met Seeker,

Digital Watercolor Created by me, Niki Jones

My name is Niki and welcome to my Lair. I am a Transformational Certified Master Life Coach; Spiritual Mentor trained in the Shamanic Arts; Energy Healer; and Medium who uses technology in my craft. My passion is to help people transform into the best versions of themselves! I use Traditional and Spiritual techniques; energy healing and channeling; divination and meditation to help you feel better; learn about your spiritual team; connect with them; and co-create with Fate to create the life you have always dreamed of! Getting creative is a wonderful way to inspire, connect and have fun while doing so.

I get asked, why did you choose that name? Tech Witch Lair?

Well it’s actually pretty simple.

Tech– because I use technology to reach out and connect to people from all over the world!

Witch– because I am unapologetically accepting of the fact that I am a Witch. I believe in balance, honoring nature, and all the wonders of the Universe. I own who I am and use my magic to heal and aid many. I am Very Eclectic and Omnist. I accept there is truth to be found in all paths, all faiths, all walks of life. I Honor them all.

Lair– well, for one, that is such a cool word. We hear Lair and think of a Dragons Lair or a fortress that is heavily protected. That is what I offer people. A safe space where they can be themselves to the fullest. Lairs are also usually full of weapons and defenses. I teach not only magic but also create and use weapons to combat the enemies named imposter syndrome, depression, addiction, co-dependency, lack of self esteem, self worth and so much more.

I fully believe everyone is deserving of unconditional love and I will ruthlessly ride into battle by your side to help you slay all that would keep you down.

I also help you find your joy, hope and compassion again. Many lose sight of them when battling their inner darkness.

Full Self acceptance is such a huge hurdle for so many people. I Love to break those chains and help you find all that aligns with your heart and soul.

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Unlocking the Moon Artwork by Niki Jones as part of her Love Your Phases art brand
‘Unlocking The Moon’ Digital Watercolor by me, Niki Jones

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