I am your guide, Niki Jones.  I discovered my passion for helping people while serving in the US Army as an Apache Helicopter electrical, communication and weapons repairer. I am a Spiritual Life Coach who is trained in the Shamanic Arts. I specialize in delving into the darkness and bringing up parts of us that need healing and extra love.  My Spiritual Team is always with me and aid me in helping people all over the world using a mix of Traditional, Shamanic and Spiritual Arts with Technology.  I have spent lifetimes on this path and my team and I are working together to bring that knowledge to aid you! I consider myself Omnist.  This means I find truth and good in all Faiths.  I am open to working with and channeling Deities, Angels, Guides, Animals from Every Faith or Practice, All Walks of Life.  

I help people fall in love with, and FULLY Accept themselves. I help people break through self-limiting beliefs and calm their inner storms. I help people get creative and find adventure in their Life Again. I help people realize they are far more Loved, Accepted, and Supported then they give themselves credit for.

I love creative writing, hard rock/metal music, magic, and table top role playing games such as World of Darkness and Dungeons and Dragons.  I firmly believe that games, music, creative writing and many other creative arts are the best ways to unwind, destress, have fun and are a wonderful form of self-care.

🎉 My very first book is Now Published!!!!! This is a Dream Work Journal designed to help you recall and discover the meanings behind the symbolisms within our dreams. It is Not all nonsense! If you remember the dream… Usually there is a message there for you. 🥰 YAY!!!!! Super Excited!!!

Order on Amazon here: https://a.co/d/bXtJQxK

I created Haven Foundation and the group Power in Sobriety (both on facebook so far) as passion projects to continue to help people in many different ways.

✨ The Haven Foundation is a safe Haven for Spiritual Inclusivity and Diversity! We welcome ALL Faiths, Beliefs, No Beliefs, Walks, Paths, Journeys and more. This is a page so we can share information and services for ALL to find! ✨ I will be creating a ever growing Network Resource Guide🧾so everyone can benefit and find the people meant for them! This will include Mentors, Counselors, Coaches, Shops, Healers, and SO MUCH MORE! This is a passion project to link as many people to the resources they want/need and to educate while promoting what I LOVE! We Are ALL One! We are ALL LOVED! 🎉

If you like what this about, please consider supporting! Donations are accepted and very much Appreciated! 🎉 Donation Link: https://donate.stripe.com/fZe8Ac9u3a0X5AQ5kk

✨ Power of Sobriety is a safe Haven for All on the Sober Journey! We welcome ALL Faiths, Beliefs, No Beliefs, Walks, Paths, Journeys and more. We are on this path together. Lets make the most of it. ✨

If you are on the Sober Journey or Sober Curious, join the facebook group HERE.

To honor my spiritual team members, I am donating a portion of the proceeds to the following charity organizations:

For Father of Water- Sea Trees helps replant ocean and sea trees  http://sea-trees.org

For Father of Fire- One Tree Planted helps forests recover from wildfires http://onetreeplanted.org

For Mother of Earth-Natural Resource Defense Council safeguarding the Earth and all on it http://ndrc.org

For Mother of Air- Urban Bird Foundation conserving urban and suburban birds http://urbanbird.org

For my Power Animals- Bioneers creating solutions for people and planet http://bioneers.org

For Hekate- My local food bank https://hrfoodbank.org/

For ArchAngel Azreal- Doctors Without Borders http://doctorswithoutborders.org

For God- Unity Worldwide Ministries  love offerings where needed most http://unityworldwideministries.org

For The Divine Feminine- I AM Enough https://www.iamenoughretreat.org/

For The Divine Masculine- Veteran Programs such as: Veterans Off-Grid https://www.veteransoffgrid.org/

I created this Sigil to provide all the benefits of the Runes and Ogham symbols I included within. I encircled it all with the Moon and shadow to show that my Guides and I work together to help bring people out of the dark and into the soft loving light of the Universe itself. We Are All One.

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