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It is very easy for homes, businesses and properties to collect and store the negative energies that we can bring into these spaces. The energies get heavier as those who cannot or don’t want to move on come onto the property and within the home or business. These energies and beings can help create strife, bad moods, sleepless nights, nightmares, resentment, and more.

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer trained in the Shamanic Arts. I am also a Psychopomp. I guide the souls of the Dead to where they are meant to be. My Spiritual Team and I can energetically cleanse your home and property and guide any Spirits or entities into the Realms they are meant to go. I will use a combination of Shamanic and Spiritual methods to perform this service. I will also channel in positive energy to aid in protection and make your home and property warm, inviting, and welcoming for all who live and visit there. This cleansing will help support your Spiritual Teams and the Nature Spirits who support the environment around you.

You will find that the feel of your home and property feels lighter and more vibrant! You may notice less conflicts within the home, less arguing, less bad moods. Better Sleep is a very common benefit! Plants on the property may begin to thrive more as the energy healing will help them as well. We will Bless the home, the property and all who live there. We will work with your Spiritual Teams to set up protections and Guardian Spirits to ward off any other harmful Spirits who try to infiltrate. You will get a full PDF report of services rendered, issues found, what we did to fix the issues, messages from your Spiritual Teams and any recommendations from them. As this is a Customized Shamanic Ritual, there are no refunds.

This is a service where I will go on a Shamanic Journey and connect to your Home, Business and Property with my Soul. I do not have to physically be present to perform this type of Clearing and Blessing. This means, I am not limited by geographic location! I can help you, no matter where you live and the cost will stay the same!

Cost for home or business is $300
Cost for property with no buildings is $200