Soul Tree Portraits

About these Intuitive Readings

I have slots open for Soul Tree Portraits 🌳 These are Custom Digital Artwork made Just For YOU!

During my meditations, and with how I am always teaching (and doing) Grounding while reaching for the Stars… I tend to see our Souls as Trees.

I use my Intuitive Gifts and read your Soul and provide you a Digital Watercolor of You in Tree form. The trees in the graphic are 2 of my creations already. You will get a High Resolution Digital Painting and a PDF with your Soul’s Reading. I will include the symbology behind your Tree and how it pertains to you.

Price is $66 and the turn around time is about a week. (up to 7 days)

Why 66? In Numerology and Angel Numbers, that is the number of Unity and Harmony. 🥰 When we are in alignment with our Heart and Soul, we are in Unity with the Heavens and Earth.

Interested in ordering?

Click here:

If you would like your portrait as an 8×10 Print on Premium Watercolor Matte Paper, the cost is $14 more to cover materials and shipping. You will still also get the High Resolution Portrait via email as well! To order with a Print to be mailed to you, click Here:

It helps for me to have a picture of you to see or perceive your energy… so please email me one at and let me know you ordered. Can be a selfie or anything recent.

Here are some more Soul Tree Portraits.

Shared with the Client’s Permission.

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