Foundational Training for Magic and Self-Awareness

artwork of a classroom

Below you will find articles and videos that detail the Fundamentals of:
*Basic Need-To-Know Information
*Magical Workings
*Increasing our Self-Awareness
*Shedding Self-Limiting Barriers within ourselves (A.K.A.)Facing our inner Shadows

All of these are designed to help anyone expand their intuition and connect to their Guides so they can Learn, Grow, Be Empowered, and Be Inspired!

Basic Need-To-Know information



Visual Representation of how Healing and Managing our Energy can Look

Magical Workings



Working with the Element of Air

Working with the Element of Fire

Working with the Element of Water

Working with the Element of Earth

Simple Practice to Shift Energies within us. Helps to Shift Mood and Mind!

5 short Guided Meditations to help you Ground and Release

Increasing our Self-Awareness

Shedding Self-Limiting Barriers and Facing our Shadows



Tarot Spread to help Heal repressed Emotions and Energies. Also Focus on HOPE!

Articles that may induce triggers. Read only if prepared for potential upsetting subjects:

The Note-Finding Hope TW- Talk of Suicide and Ideation along with the message.