The Power of Signs and Synchronicities

Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen in awhile and then Boom they message you out of the blue?

Have you ever had the feeling of deja-vu where you felt like you dealt with something already, as it happens? Somehow you know just how to handle the situation. All the while knowing you have never actually been in that situation before… Weird,  Right?

What are Signs and Synchronicities?

I have been taught that there is actually NO such thing as a coincidence. They are actually signs and synchronicities from the Universe and from our Guides to help us walk our path. Our intuition is always picking up on little signs throughout each day. We get communications and symbolism in our sleep as well. They come in the form of colors, scents, memories, ideas, inspiration, emotions, and more. They are like little breadcrumbs that lead us to find answers to what we are dealing with at any given time.

I love finding them and figuring out how each of the signs I pick up fit together to form a story. Our Guides are always reaching out to us to help guide us to what is in alignment with our Heart and Soul. I am fascinated by the many different tidbits of information I find myself picking up on. I also get super excited when my clients, friends and family also start noticing the clues meant for them.

Everyone has Spiritual Gifts! Everyone! Many call it intuition. Many call them coincidences. Many call them inspiration. It doesn’t matter what label we use. We ALL have access! I LOVE helping people uncover theirs

Something happened this morning that inspired this article. I was getting so many different signs from my Guides. It took a bit for me to put them all together into one cohesive story that made sense, however. It is usually like that, however. We don’t always get all the answers right off the bat. Even those of us who are more connected to our Intuition and Spiritual Skills. If we were just given all the answers, we wouldn’t actually learn anything, right? It can be frustrating and fascinating all at the same time.

Now to preface this story, it deals with the idea of past lives and reincarnation. Many of us have them. Some do not…. There are some Souls who are on this earth living their very first incarnation. Now, if you don’t happen to believe in this way, that is ok. I am not pushing my beliefs here. Just explaining what I learned from this experience and from my Guides. Myself, my hubby and both kiddos have all had past lifetimes. We have been working to heal our subconscious and past traumas, triggers and repressed emotions.

Getting personal here…

My youngest is 5. She actually turned 5 right after Christmas. She is growing and is in that stage where she wants to be a big kid and do things on her own to show how big she is. It is awesome and frustrating for all of us. Mostly for her because she doesn’t yet know how to handle the big emotions that come with all of this. We do what we can to stay calm and help her through it all. Totally normal stuff. This morning was kind of like that. She woke up grumpy, didn’t want to get out of bed and then wanted to get herself all ready by herself. Cool. However, she didn’t get out of bed. She told daddy to go away. She told me to stay out, she wanted to do it all herself. We gave her a few minutes to collect herself and I went in there to help her along. She was so grumpy! I had the sudden smell of Yucky Old Poop. Literally that. Anyone who has ever had to use a porta potty that hasn’t been cleaned in awhile knows what I mean. Anyone who has deployed to a not so nice place and had to use a burn out latrine knows what I mean. Old Poop. I did check, she didn’t do anything to make that smell. I always check to see if there is a mundane or “muggle” reason to rule it out. It was Strong in her room. After a moment she decided on daddy helping her get ready.

Once downstairs, she is happy and giggling while eating breakfast. I come into the kitchen and smell a musty old scent. Like how I imaging an old abandoned house smells with no fresh air. Or what we can imaging someone like Indiana Jones smelling entering an ancient tomb long abandoned. It wasn’t oppressive like the smell in her room. It was lighter. It seemed to get lighter as the morning went on before we took her and her sis to school.

Putting it all together…

So far we have her “I wanna do it myself! And Go Away!” mood as well as these weird scents. I got on my tarot cards after they left for the day to just touch base. I do this every morning. The cards that jumped out didn’t make sense for me personally. I was confused. Until I asked for the proper context. The story the cards gave were about someone feeling very limited and not really believing in themselves. Someone who may have been betrayed in the past and needed to heal from that. Someone who was still searching for their identity, their purpose and accepting it all. All the while needing acceptance from those around them. It took me a moment before I realized I was getting info on my youngest and the struggle she is going through right now. My Guides then told me (in my mind, I could “hear” this part) that She is clearing old issues of not being accepted for who she is. Then I was overcome with the emotion or feeling of Love. This told me that she needs extra love right now as she figures out how to handle big emotions. Also, to have that validation that she is loved no matter how she acts, how she turns out later on. I assured them, we always will and that we will keep assuring both our kiddos (and each other) of our love for one another.

I got the scents again for a moment. Then it finally clicked. The puzzle of the scents and it all fit together. She was clearing out “old shit” from past lives, past life crap that made her feel unloved and unaccepted. Where she was made to feel like she wasn’t worthy. Sometimes our Guides can be very literal in their methods. Once I finally put the whole story together, I felt energy around me like I was getting hugged. I love that. I always tell my Guides I love hugs and accept them.

Keep Trying! It Will make sense eventually!

So, don’t discount something just because it doesn’t make sense in the moment. It may very well be a small part of a puzzle that helps you unlock an epiphany or some inspiration.

Now, some may think that clearing out stuff like this at this age is too young, it can’t happen. This age is extremely foundational for kiddos. Here is where they are establishing if they can trust their support structures like family, friends, schools, daycare, etc… Here is where they begin to understand more about developing friendships and relationships. This includes creating and learning boundaries such as no hitting, how to act when big emotions come up in them, how to react to big emotions in others and more. The more love, support, and healthy structure we can show our kids; helps them develop in all areas. (disclaimer, I am by no means a perfect parent. I am still learning and growing as are my kiddos. I am doing my best for them as well as anyone else I work with.)

Much Love and Support,


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