Transform Your Life!

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I employ a variety of Traditional and Spiritual techniques to aid you in:

*Fully Realize you are Unconditionally Loved and Supported- AS YOU ARE!
*Learn Healthy Coping Mechanisms
*Shift your way of thinking to see the wisdom in your lessons and find the blessings within
*Dream BIG and cultivate Abundance in all areas of your Life
*Learn how to develop a deeper connection to your Intuition and your Guides
*Quit addictive habits and behaviors
*CO-Create with your Spiritual Team to take control of Your Destiny

To Create these Changes, I use methods that include:

*Energy Healing
*Guided Meditation
*Shamanic Journeying
*Divination (Tarot, Oracle cards, Runes)
*Past Life Reconnection
and More!

I work with clients one on one usually via Zoom, all depending on what is needed. All sessions are individually tailored to You and your Spiritual Team’s needs and desires. Work with me to Transform Your Life!

New Mentorship Offering!

Unlock The Power Within

3 Months of Continuous Support, Mentoring, Energy Healing and More! All tailored to You and Your Unique Needs! Unlock The Power Within is 3 months of Magickal Mentoring! Check out the Program HERE!

To get an idea of how I can help, please read the stories below.

Each story is shared with Confidentiality and Comfort of my Clients in mind. We worked together to Transform Their Lives.

Single Session Offers:

I offer Tarot/Oracle Readings with Energy Healing!

5 cards for $30. You receive a video link once I have recorded your reading. This video will only be sent to you.
Donate more for more cards. Ready to Purchase? Click Here.

I read Tarot, Oracle, and Runes. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer, Medium and more! This is for a general reading unless you need specific guidance. Email me any specific questions at:

Wonder who is on your Spiritual Team?

This session will introduce you to 2 Members of Your Spiritual Team! You will get information, channeled messages AND Energy Healing!

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I also offer Custom Spells and Ritual Work on your behalf to aid you in your Spiritual Practice! Click Here for more Info.

Cycle Breaker Single Session- 1 Session #200. Book Here

This is an Energetic Ritual Healing designed to help you sever all ties to everything holding you back. Need to cut ties to toxic people, situations and entities? This session will do the Energetic Work for you. This has helped clients quit drinking and smoking as well as cut off ties to past situations. We can also cut away the unhealthy aspects of connections while keeping the Love and Healthy ties. I work with my Team and Your Team to aid you in this comprehensive healing session! Let us help you shed away the Old and Transform Your Life!
The session can last up to 75 minutes and is done via Zoom.

Join the Uniquely Inspired Group Healing Community!

Join my Uniquely Inspired Group Healing Sessions! 2 Subscription Tiers Available!

Starting at only $88 per month! Group sessions every Monday at 3pm EST. If you cannot make the lives, No Problem! Replays do get sent out so you can still benefit from the Messages and Healings. Spirit knows who is a part of this Community so messages and healings are tailored to ALL, even if you cannot make a live session. Members also get a 20% discount on all my products and services. See all info here: