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I employ a variety of Traditional and Spiritual techniques to aid you in:

*Fully Realize you are Unconditionally Loved and Supported- AS YOU ARE!
*Learn Healthy Coping Mechanisms
*Shift your way of thinking to see the wisdom in your lessons and find the blessings within
*Dream BIG and cultivate Abundance in all areas of your Life
*Learn how to develop a deeper connection to your Intuition and your Guides
*Quit addictive habits and behaviors
*CO-Create with your Spiritual Team to take control of Your Destiny

To Create these Changes, I use methods that include:

*Energy Healing
*Guided Meditation
*Shamanic Journeying
*Divination (Tarot, Oracle cards, Runes)
*Past Life Reconnection
and More!

✨ A bit about Me ✨

I work with clients one on one usually via Zoom, all depending on what is needed. All sessions are individually tailored to You and your Spiritual Team’s needs and desires. For the most effective Transformations, our time together can span 4, 8, or even more sessions. All based on what you want.

To get an idea of how I can help, please read the stories below.

Each story is shared with Confidentiality and Comfort of my Clients in mind.

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Abundant Transformation- 8 Sessions $1500 total. Book Here

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