Rose’s Awakening Journey

    Last summer, I met Rose who was just starting to “Awaken” to the wonders of the World around us. She started noticing different signs, having dreams that seemed to be messages, and even feeling energy around her. She told me she wondered if she was going crazy. She saw a black shadow around a co-worker one day who happened to be in a bad mood and was making things difficult at work. She was feeling emotions that did not seem to be hers, but from those around her. She was even seeing glimpses of animals that were not physically there! They included: Bears, Lions, Wolves, Ravens, Owls and later on, Dragons! I got to let her know they are all part of her Spiritual Team!!!

It was all so Exciting!


She was scared.

    One, because she was started to question her senses and state of mind.

    Two, because her family and friends didn’t seem to notice anything different and are not Spiritual at all.

    We had to communicate via Facebook messenger only due to her wanting to hide this side of her from everyone. She was scared she would be judged harshly. Many who start to open up like this, feel worried. This is extremely common. Especially when so many who speak up and are considered “different” get ridiculed or ever berated by those who are zealous in their dogmatic faith, or just think anything they can’t see is nonsensical.

    Energy is Real! Empathy is Real! The Spiritual Senses are Real! They can be activated and those skills can be expanded! This is all a Normal part of the awakening process!!

    I was able to help her learn how to connect with her Intuition, her Spiritual Guides, validate all her signs and dreams. Over time, I helped her get comfortable with her new skills and senses. I taught her how to recognize what energy and emotions are hers and what is not. She learned how to balance her own energy field and is now perceiving even more as she continues to grow! She can now recognize when Guides are near and can see some Auras! I am so proud of how far she has come!