Lynn Finding Balance in a Time of Crisis

    One morning at about 2am, I was woken up from a dead sleep. I couldn’t figure out why, just knew I needed to be awake. As I was making my coffee, I scrolled on facebook to pass the time so I could caffeinate. I like to connect with my Guides over a shared cup of coffee, I call it a Warm Hug in a Mug.

   Only this time, I was getting the urge to just scroll instead of chat with them via tarot or oracle. I felt chills as I came across a post in one of the sober groups I am in. I am an alcoholic walking the Sober Journey. She said she needed someone to chat with, she was in a bad way. My Guides gave me the signs this was why I was awake. I thought maybe she needed help to get over some cravings, they can be a big burden in early sobriety, heck even in later sobriety… I love helping give tips and tricks to get people over that hurdle.

    I knew I needed to reach out. I did and we took the conversation to messenger. I found out that she lives in another country, and it was late at night there, early morning for me. She did NOT need help with dealing with cravings. She was in fact dealing with some really bad suicidal thoughts and needed a lifeline. Anyone to care. We talked over messenger using the voice call feature. I chatted with her in a lighthearted way to help ease the tension and anxiety she was in. I did some energy healing and a guided meditation to help her release the immediate feelings of hopelessness, despair, overwhelm and more. And helped her draw in the supporting, balancing, and grounding energies from Mother Earth.

    She became calmer and felt more in control. We talked and I helped her get the courage to discuss things with her spouse and to seek professional help in the morning as everything she could find online was closed at her time of the night. She did not want to just go to the ER. Too many people feel the need to fight alone and hide what is wrong, even with the people they love. They are scared of “being a burden” or even judgement from those around them. I helped her by validating her concerns, her feelings and helped get her through this bump in the road. I also sent her meditations that I created on my YouTube channel so she could use them and learn from them whenever she needed extra grounding again. I stay in contact with her and am so happy to have been able to help her in a time of crisis. She is doing much better and still Sober!

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