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Oh My Goodness this wonderful review totally blew me away! Play the video to see what Candy had to say about our Spiritual Communication Session. Thank you so much, Candy!!!! I had a fantastic time speaking to you and our Guides. 🥰

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Oh My Goodness! I just received this Fabulous Testimonial!!!

“I am thrilled to offer my wholehearted endorsement for Niki Jones, the visionary force behind Tech Witch Lair LLC. As the host at SKST Radio Network & Podcast Studios, I have had the privilege of connecting with numerous individuals, and Niki’s passion for guiding individuals as a Spiritual Life Coach is truly extraordinary. Niki’s unique blend of technological expertise and spiritual wisdom sets her apart in the realm of coaching. Her ability to bridge the gap between modern technology and spiritual growth is both innovative and transformative. Through Tech Witch Lair LLC, Niki provides a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their spirituality while embracing the digital age. Niki’s commitment to empowering her clients is evident in every interaction. Her insightful guidance and intuitive coaching style create an environment of trust and personal development. I have witnessed the positive impact she has had on individuals, helping them navigate challenges, uncover their inner potential, and embark on journeys of self-discovery. What truly sets Niki apart is her dedication to fusing spirituality with modern tools, making her approach accessible and relevant to a wide range of individuals. Her passion for helping people achieve balance, growth, and connection in their lives is truly commendable. As someone deeply engaged in the world of podcasts and broadcasts, I recognize Niki’s Tech Witch Lair LLC as a vital resource for anyone seeking spiritual enrichment and personal growth. Her expertise, authenticity, and commitment to her clients make her a true standout in the realm of Spiritual Life Coaching. Sincerely, Kami Grayson Host, SKST Radio Network & Podcast Studios”

Thank you So Much Kami!!! I had the Pleasure of being a guest on her Show back in April! ❤️💛 You can check out that episode HERE