Finding Balance: Make Time for FUN!

    We are not meant to just work and pay bills. This is something I hear a LOT on social media platforms and from people who are just plain burnt out. It is TRUE! We are meant to ENJOY this life! Finding a good balance between work, other responsibilities and play can be very difficult.

My day is jam packed; how do I find this Balance?

     I always tell my clients to start small. Everyone has 5 minutes a day when they can just breathe. Even with the most packed schedules, we (usually) give ourselves time to go to the bathroom and eat meals. Many of us drive or ride public transportation. For 5 minutes, during one of these times where you are sitting anyways, play a silly or fun song. Look up some silly jokes. Watch a silly short video. Anything lighthearted and just plain FUN. It doesn’t have to be anything specific at all. Just something that makes you SMILE for a little bit.

    Lightning up your mood in small ways each day will help you shift your entire day in small increments. These small moments add up! You may even find yourself remembering more light memories through your day. These small shifts can impact how you interact with everyone around you as well in some very positive ways!

I am Stressed to the Max… I don’t feel fun anymore. Help!

    Our responsibilities can definitely get overwhelming at times. When we don’t allow ourselves to rest and let go of these burdens, the stress can pile up until we feel like we are drowning. It is in times like these that we NEED to make the time to unwind. Self-Care isn’t just bubble baths and spa days. It is real rest and hydration. It is unraveling the ropes that keep us feeling trapped in a cycle of burnout and weariness. We can’t just wait until vacation time to unwind. We need to take control and carve out much needed “Free To Be ME” Time.

    Take a hard look at where you can set all responsibilities aside for an hour. It can be at the start or end of the day, or anywhere in the middle. Just schedule one hour for yourself. During this hour you will Breathe, do something creative and drink water. The act of getting creative is NOT to stress you out further… It is designed to help you engage both sides of your brain and get your hands involved in the process. It doesn’t matter if you doodle, draw, paint, sculpt, knit, write, sing, play music, etc…. Do what you enjoy doing. Get these emotions OUT of you. Flow it into this act of creativity.

    This is the start of creating a healthy Self-Care routine. The one hour stress relieving time can be once a week. I highly recommend it being more often, however this is not meant to feel like another responsibility to add to the list. We need to make time to add FUN into our lives in ways that fit our lifestyle. It takes time to build up a new habit and break old ones. The more we make it silly and fun, the easier it will be to stick to it.

What are some ways to add Fun into a day?

    Do you remember back in school (for me that was a whole lotta years ago…) when we were made to go outside for recess? Just because we have grown up, does NOT mean we don’t need that play time anymore.

 So here are some silly and simple ways to add in some FUN.

*Dance in your living room to your favorite music
*Sing out loud to your favorite music while driving, doing chores, taking a break, etc…
*Watch silly videos that make you laugh
*Color like a toddler with a crayon
*Doodle, Paint, Draw, Color, anything artsy that makes you feel lighthearted
*Hug a Tree
*Put your toes in the sand or on the grass
*Lay down (or sit) and look for shapes in the clouds
*Pick up a rock and examine the colors, look for shapes or numbers
*Look up silly jokes and tell them to those around you. I love the Punny ones. If I can make my family’s eyes roll, I win. 😉
*Play a silly or simple video game
*Read something you enjoy

These are just a few suggestions. The point is to find what brings you some Fun and Enjoyment. We are Meant to Enjoy this Life! There may always be responsibilities and stress, however there should also always be some Fun to balance it out.

You Deserve to Enjoy Life!
You Deserve to find your Balance.

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

About the Author:

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