Non-Conformity is a Path to Divine Perfection

Spotlight- LGBTQIA+

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    I know. The title statement can bring out statements of “WHAT?” or even “HOW?”.  I say this because of all the lessons my Guides have been teaching me over the years. I work with Deities, Spirits, and more from all over the world and from every culture. Our Divine Guides are Genderless, Genderfluid, and Representing of ALL Life! They have been teaching me to break down all the barriers of every confining thought, belief and doubt I have ever learned. Let me tell you, I am So Grateful for these lessons!

    In this article I am going to help illuminate some concepts from several cultures that support this as well as provide some personal experiences. I will include links to articles I found so you may read further into these stories.

    When I feel or sense my Guides, I do so in a way that helps me identify who they are. It isn’t always easy as they give me clues that I tend to have to use all my senses to understand. The right side of the body is typically thought of as representing the Divine Masculine. Many will take a step with their right foot or reach out first with their right hand. So this is the side of Action, Doing, Logic, etc..  The Left side of the body is typically thought of as representing the Divine Feminine. This is the more Nurturing, Intuitive, Compassionate side of us. I learned this early on as I could feel energy on either side of my body as a way of my Guides communicating and connecting with me. The way I feel them can include chills, tingles, warmth, small pressures, and more. It has grown over time. This did not develop all at once. However, it did freak me out until I researched and learned to decipher the sensations.

    I explain this because my Guides would use these sensations to help me understand who I was talking to. Many articles will show specific Guides (Deities, Angels, Spirits and more) as one gender or another. I always thought of Mother Nature as more feminine (due to the name mostly) so when Archangel Ariel connected with me, it was in a feminine representation. She is an Angel of Nature and Earth. Among many other things. In doing research, I learned that many other people see all the Angels as mostly Masculine, including Archangel Ariel. This fluidity actually applies to ALL the Angels (and ALL our Guides) as they are truly Genderless and will connect with us in a way that WE can relate to.  When I read this, I asked her to show me how she can be perceived by others. She obliged and moved over to my right and gave me a more Masculine vibe and appearance. I asked all my Guides to help me expand my understanding of them and they have been blowing my mind ever since! It has been Fantastic!

    All etheric/ethereal/spiritual beings are Energy. They can present as however they want, any time they want. There are many stories about our Guides shapeshifting into Animals, Plants, Elements, different Genders and so much more! I have perceived them as orbs of light, scents, blobs of energy, shadows, colors as well as Human shapes, Animals and more. I am not gonna lie. It can be very trippy to experience all of this. It took a long time for me to understand and identify who it is that is showing me a form. I still get it wrong sometimes and they are patient with me. Patient with us ALL. They have been helping me break free from all my preconceived ideas on gender, conformity, rules, and ways of being.

    There are some amazing stories in the lore and myths from all the cultures. I say lore and myths as that is how most are referred to as. Not in any way to minimize the lessons they teach us. Loki is very well known, thanks to his antics and to modern pop culture. He has many stories where he shifts into animals and takes on a woman’s form. He shapeshifted into a Mare to seduce a Stallion (distracting the Stallion as part of a bet) and then gave birth to 8 legged Sleipnir. He is both a Mother and a Father. He is tricky and he is loving.

    Brienne Raven Wolf wrote an article called; Between Two Worlds: Gender Non-Conforming Deities. In it she says,

“I’m of the opinion that if more people would understand that there are more than binary people in this world, it would be a better and safer place for all. I think the ancients got it right in their beliefs. People were just human beings, and not judged only on their biological sex.”

She also gives several examples for her belief from her research. Another quote from her article states:

“Ikapati was a Great Mother Goddess of the Tagalog society in the Philippines. She was a protector of crops, animals that were domesticated and, according to myth, gave mankind agriculture. It was said that she appeared many times dressed in male clothes. This would have made sense as she was frequently seen in the fields.  In many indigenous cultures, including in the Americas, it was accepted that more than two genders were socially and spiritually accepted. These gender non-conforming individuals were seen as people who were very spiritual, and many became leaders and healers in their societies. In Native American culture, many who were called two-spirit became shamans.”

    Another Guide that helped me break down some of my ‘societal limiting beliefs or conditioning’ is Mercury. He is the Roman God of Merchants, Commerce, Communication, Luck, Boundaries and so much more. He has a wonderful sense of humor and has helped me find my own humor when faced with difficulties. He often shows up with a smile and gives off the vibes of fun or laughter. Once my spiritual sight started getting better, he showed up as Freddy Mercury. Even gives me Queen songs to announce his arrival. He has also shifted his form to that of a woman or even a very fabulously dressed male in more feminine clothing. I have started calling him Fabulous Freddy as a result. He seems to enjoy it. He and Archangel Uriel have told my husband and I that our daughter (one or both, not sure) will be non-conforming. We are open and of the mindset that we support them. Wholeheartedly. No question. We want them to be happy and healthy, no matter how that looks for them.

    Neel Burton wrote an article in Psychology Today called; Gender Fluidity in the Gods- and what it might mean. In it he gives many examples of same sex love as well as gender fluid individuals. He writes:

“How might all this gender fluidity be interpreted?

The union of masculine and feminine elements shows them to be complementary, inseparable, or one and the same, while emphasizing divine attributes such as power, creativity /fertility, and boundlessness.

In its completeness, the union of the sexes also represents perfection and self-sufficiency, and, by extension, peace…”

    Harmony is a spiritual state that brings Growth, Ascension, Acceptance, Love and so much more. When we find our own inner Harmony, we find our Heart and Soul United in a way that is truly Divine Perfection. This Unity, this Harmony IS Perfection. It does not matter what the overall world believes or says. When we find our OWN inner Truth… We are finding ourselves in alignment with our own Heart and Soul. This state is our place of Power. That is Our Divine Perfection.

    The path to finding our Truth, our Harmony can be very difficult. It is full of ups and downs. It can be scary. You Are Not ALONE! You ARE Loved and Accepted by So So Many! This world has So Many stories of Cultural and Divine Acceptance of anyone who is LGBTQIA+. I am adding some more links for you to read even more than the two articles I quoted. You have Support in this world and in the Universe as a Whole! You are Loved by ALL that is Divine- Unconditionally. As You Are. As You Always have been. As You Will be.

    The art at the top of this article was created by me. Here is the description that I wrote for the artwork:

Rainbow Spiral

The Spiral is a symbol of the Cosmos.
It is Creation and Ascension.
It is Wild and Organized.
The Spiral connects us all.
To each other and to the Universe as a whole.
It reminds us we are All One.
One Creation
One People



Written by Neel Burton MD from Psychology Today

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