Alice’s Journey to Self-Acceptance

Two years ago, around Valentine’s Day, I was sitting on my couch in my home office with Alice. She was having trouble feeling accepted by her co-workers and was feeling unloved in her relationship. We identified areas in her life that needed adjusting and boundaries. Together we crafted a training plan to heal her deep emotional wounds. I taught her coping and communication skills. She became proficient in balancing her own energies and emotions. She decided to work with her Spiritual Guides and began to communicate with them daily in a way that she was comfortable with. Last month, she reached out to me and gave me an update. Alice is now in a profession she loves and is happily married to someone who adores and respects her. Alice told me that she finally knows what it feels like to love herself and her life. This is what I do! I help people fully accept themselves and empower them by using Spiritual and Traditional techniques.