What are Ascension Symptoms?

   Ascension literally means Growth at the Soul Level. When we Ascend, we “Level Up” or “Graduate” to a new level or skill. It is always very exciting when we do the big shifts! We usually get to sense or even dream about them as they happen. Even the smaller shifts have signs but are not always noticeable, even to those really in-tune with our Intuition.

  Many will call the aches and pains that come with these leveI-ups as Ascension Flu. I am not sure if you remember your growth spurts growing up as a kid and teen… They usually have a ton of physical symptoms that include: Fatigue, Body and Joint Aches and Pains, Headaches, Mood Swings, Extra Hunger, or even lack of appetite. It can often be the exact same symptoms as we grow Spiritually as well.

Let me tell you some of my own personal symptoms:

*Scratchy Throat
*Sinus Drainage- Yuck
*Feeling of Grime or a Layer or Rock on my Skin… (feeling the need to shed a skin)
*Heat on my Skin
*Sometimes Heat on one side of my body and Chills on the other! (no not menopause related LOL)
*Feeling like I am running a Fever but no actual temperature
*Skin feels like it hurts (or nerves on fire, hurts to have clothes touch)
*Really Freaking Hungry/ or Not Hungry at All…. 
*Extreme Fatigue
*Migraine/Headache- can be whole head or even just spots on head. Sometimes my Hair hurts…
*Knees wanna give out/ Joints hurting with no extra physical exertion to warrant pain
*Increase in Vivid Dreams
*Feeling of being too big for your skin/body…
*Tingles and electrical sensations across skin (mine are usually at feet, shoulder blades, hands)
*Feeling of Heaviness on one side or all over my body

This list is not all inclusive. Just what I have been going through these last 2 weeks. I have been in hermit mode as I nursed my youngest to health from some upper respiratory thing that she shared with me. My Guides took advantage of me already feeling yucky to do more in depth (aka intrusive) healing and growing for me. This led to me having ALL of these symptoms on top of the normal sinus and chest cold thing. We did get tested for anything more serious… Always rule out mundane before just saying it is a Spiritual thing… I did get many confirmations from my Guides that this was a period of Huge Growth for me, however.

How do we manage the symptoms?

  Just like any regular illness and growth spurt, we need to show ourselves kindness and compassion. Hydration with electrolytes is a HUGE help! Eating good food and resting when and how you can, will alleviate much of these symptoms. I also take cold medications to deal with the sinus and chest symptoms. If you do not like medications, do what methods serve you best. I have no problem with using tools like over the counter medications to ease my suffering. Our Guides do NOT want us to suffer. Growth can be very uncomfortable. We have options at our disposal to handle the aches and pains. Do what is best for you.

   Remember, these times never last long. We are Never in the Dark for long. There is Always reason to HOPE.

Let me share some of my dreams during this time:

   I had to sleep a LOT the first 5 days of this. It took some coordination with my Husband as we have children, adulting responsibilities, work and more to handle. After the 5th day, I had a dream where I was a dragon fly in a translucent round egg and I was ready to hatch! I had to struggle and strain to work my wings. Pushing against the sides of the little egg to strengthen my wings and weaken the walls of the egg. After what seemed like hours, I finally broke free! I was able to breath and stretch!

The next day, I was overcome with a heaviness all over my body. My Guides let me know they were helping me “ground in” the changes we made so far. That night, I had the dream that I was a little tiny seed pod that had been planted. I was in such pain as my roots broke free from the seed and started anchoring into Mother Earth’s soil. Then over the next 3 days (in real life, not dream) I started having the sensations of that heaviness starting to lift, a little at a time. The night of the 3rd day, I had the dream that many flowers broke though the crust of the earth and started blooming all these wonderful and radiant colors!

These were the signs from my Guides letting me know how my progress was going and to keep doing my self-care. That it was working and I was growing at a rapid pace.

Final Thoughts:

  We each go through growth spurts differently. Each ‘Level Up’ is usually accompanied by some signs physically. We just need to tune in more to notice them. Not all are as severe as mine were…. I had many smaller shifts that only gave me one night of insomnia or the occasional headache. The point is, take care of yourself. Show yourself kindness and compassion. Allow yourself to rest and recuperate as you can. There are great things in store for you. Keep growing.

When you feel like you are in the dark, remember that you have been planted and you will soon blossom into a vibrant flower! Or even a Whole Garden!

Always remember,
You are Accepted
You are Valid
You are Loved.

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

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