Custom Spells and Rituals

These offerings are completely Custom to Your Needs! I invite in your Spiritual Team to aid in any workings on your behalf.

Custom Spell Work

These Spells are performed on your behalf with Your Intentions and Your Team in attendance at the time of performing the Work. Your Statement will state: Custom Service on it instead of Spell Work. Thesea re each $50 and can be Purchased HERE.

The Three Main options are:

Abundance/Manifestation Spell

Protection Spell

Rise Above/Road Opener Spell

Custom Ritual Work

Cycle Breaker Ritual Spell with Healing Included

This Ritual is performed on your behalf with Your Intentions, Your Highest Good, And Your Spiritual Team in attendance at the time of the Ritual Work. This is my favorite type of work to do! I used this to help myself and others overcome their addiction to alcohol, smoking, negative intrusive thoughts and more! This is a wonderful tool to aid in the work you are already doing and makes it even more effective! If you want this as a tutorial along with the working, let me know and I will include a video on how I set yours up and what I do for it. Cost for this Ritual is $155. I usually do this as a one on one session for $200. Removing the need for us to be face to face with the coaching and ritual helps reduce the cost. You can Purchase Here.

Email me at if you have any other Spells in mind. We can work out something custom to you.

Disclaimer** These are not for diagnosing or curing anything medical. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Witch, Energy Healer, Magical and Shamanic Practitioner and more.