Basic Magical Protections

Before we fully begin, I want to say that these do not replace conventional mundane methods of protections. When I say this I mean locks on doors, setting your own boundaries, speaking your truth so others know where your lines are and not to cross them. They also include law enforcement, the court systems and other mundane entities that are designed to protect and serve. The Magical protections are designed to enhance and work with the mundane methods while protecting us from anything Spiritual or Energetic that would harm or otherwise disrupt our lives.

  There are so many different ways to perform protection spells, I cannot go over them all. Many are deeply personal to the practitioner and are tailored to their specific needs. What I am going over today are the bones of many rituals you can either use as-is or combine your own flare as you see fit. As always, do what resonates and feels right for you.

 Many use crystals in their craft. Crystals have their own frequency and as such have healing, protecting and many other properties. They can be charged, programmed and cleansed for any purpose you desire. They are NOT a one time use only type tool. Crystals can be cleansed and recharged or reprogrammed anytime you need to do so.

Charging a Crystal-

 Depending on your purpose, you can charge the crystal by moonlight, sunlight or your own energy. The sun is great for powering up. The moon is great for gentle, yet powerful charging. Also pay attention to the cycle of the moon for this. Many follow the lunar cycle for their magical workings. Each phase has their own meanings. Many people can channel energy, and can also be used in charging our tools. (fun fact… EVERYONE can learn this skill!!! It takes time, practice and a willingness to learn with our Guides and mentors)

Programming a Crystal-

Using your breath, simply hold the crystal in your hand and tell it what your purpose is. Then breathe on it to imprint that intent into the stone.

To ask your Guides, simply hold the crystal and call upon your Guides, Ancestors, whomever you need or want their help. Ask them to bless or charge the crystal with the intent you need. Relax and listen. You may feel air, you may get a little snippet of a song or phrase flow through your mind, you may feel energy. It is possible to not feel or sense anything at all as well. These perceptions depend largely on our own intuition and how much we trust those senses. The more we grow, the more we perceive. Trust that your request has been honored. It Has. You can carry these crystals with you, wear them or put them in your sacred space. Do what feels right for your purpose.

Cleansing a Crystal-

 Crystals can be cleansed a wide variety of ways. Make sure you know what kind of crystal you have as many are not good going into water or direct sunlight. Many will cleanse their crystals by the light of the Full Moon each month. You can leave them inside on a windowsill, on the dash of your car if it is outside, or even directly outside if the weather is ok for it. They do not have to sit out all night long. It can really be for just a few minutes to an hour depending on how you feel and your needs. The sun is also great for cleansing, provided the crystal can handle direct sunlight. There is a crystal named Selenite and this crystal never needs charging. In fact it helps charge other crystals. As you might be able to tell from the name, it is linked to Selene, a Lunar Goddess. This means Selenite has the properties to charge and cleanse like the Full Moon. We can also use smoke to cleanse our tools. This ranges from burning herbs, sage, incense, or even wood is effective. If the soil is dry, you can bury the stone to essentially ground it and release anything it picked up or stored. If you do this, leave it for a day or so to allow Mother Earth to gently cleanse your crystals.

Other Tools-

 Scents, Herbs and Essential Oils can also play a part in protection spells. Do you have a favorite perfume or cologne you like to wear everyday? If the answer is yes, you can infuse it with your intent! You can use the crystals and herbs to help in this, your breath or even asking your Guides. Or all of these! Find the crystals and herbs that correspond to your goal. Look for the Spiritual properties or meanings for protection, harmony, balancing and anything else that feels right for your purpose. Program those tools and then set your perfume or cologne bottle down surrounded by or being touched by these crystals and herbs. They do NOT have to touch the oil or liquid itself. Proximity is just fine. They will help channel your intent into the liquid. When I say intent, I simply mean your intended purpose for this spell. It can be as simple as “I want to be protected from harmful energies, emotions and people who are toxic to me.” Or you can go into more detail and get as specific as you want. We must tell our tools, our Guides, and the Universe what we need, what we want so they know how best to aid us.

When your spell is complete, just spray on your scent as you normally do. Trust that it will help fulfill   your intent! It is done!

Using Visualization-

   We can also use a tool called Visualization! This employs our imagination, our creativity, and our Will all in one shot. Whenever I do any spell, regardless of tools being used, I always ground myself into Mother Earth. I went over this in the last episode. Then I visualize and intend I am connected to the Universe as well. This way I am connected Above, Below and here.

From this point, you can visualize, sense, imagine or even just think that a white or golden light is coming down from the Universe and surrounding you in a protective field of light and energy. From here you would state your intent for this protective light- essentially programming it to your needs. You can say it out loud or just think it in your mind. It works either way.

I have an intent I use everyday. You can modify this as needed. Because I can sense and feel emotions  and energies I have to include extra instructions. My intent is this:

“I program my circle to not allow anything in that is NOT of my highest good. I can recognize the emotions of others but I will NOT absorb them or become overwhelmed by them. This circle will Not be harmed in any way and will only be dismissed by me. The circle will move with me everywhere I go and will not be destroyed or harmed by interacting with people or animals. I am protected above, below, within, without. Thank you.”

Magical Circles-

There are also many practitioners who use physical circles of protections. Usually drawn on the floor or a roll up mat or cloth. Those are generally used in specific rituals, ceremonies, and other Magical workings.

 I use a different type of magical circle. I ask the elements for their aid. I do this one everyday with the intent I stated earlier.

  I face East and say- “Element of Air, I call on you”

  I face South and say- “Element of Fire, I call on you”

  I face West and say- “Element of Water, I call on you”

  I face North and say- “Element of Earth, I call on you”

 I raise my hands and say- “With the Elements combined under Spirit, I cast this circle of protection. (state your intentions/programming here) Always remember to thank whom you are calling upon.

That’s it.

Now when you are ready to dismiss it, such as when you get home for the night, or right before bed… You can face each direction again but go in the opposite direction.

Face North and say- “Element of Earth, I thank you and bid you farewell.”

Face West and say- “Element of Water, I thank you and bid you farewell.”

Face South and say- “Element of Fire, I thank you and bid you farewell.”

Face East and say- “Element of Air, I thank you and bid you farewell.”

Then I say- “The circle is open, the need is done.”

That’s it. I have done this so often that it has became second nature. It happens much faster than it used to and takes only a couple of seconds. Magical rituals of any kind are usually designed to enhance our lives not to make them harder or to increase the mental load on us each day. There are some rituals and ceremonies that are much more formal and take some time. I do not do these in daily practice as I am a mom and business owner. Our Guides, the Universe wants us to LIVE and find a good balance in our work, fun, play and Spiritual areas in our lives. Not to be so all consuming. Good Balance is always stressed.

There are many different tools and methods that you can incorporate spellcraft into your life. Play and experiment. Research and have fun with it. Before any spellwork, I ALWAYS recommend grounding and doing a protective circle of some kind. This will help protect you from unwanted attention. I keep my protections up all day as I interact with people online and in person. Energy does travel virtually as well as physically. Good Spiritual hygiene is super important. Make it your own. Make it a daily habit. You will find grounding and protecting will help you in SO MANY different areas of your life.

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

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