The Importance of Good Spiritual Hygiene

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   Lately I have been under the weather with allergies and some physical effects of Spiritual Growth. And this helped me decide on the next subject for an article. The importance of good Spiritual Hygiene. We will go over why it is important and several different ways to care for ourselves in a more spiritual sense.

   In episode 6 of my Uniquely Loved Podcast, we talked about the chakras and how they can interact with each other and our dimensional bodies. I will talk a bit about blockages and clearing them away in this episode. I will be using myself as an example to help describe just how different matters can effect us at different levels. It is fascinating and can be confusing. I have done quite a bit of research via books and speaking with energy healers and even my Guides to understand how this all works.

   Often times our physical ailments can be rooted in one of the more spiritual levels of our bodies and psyche. Yes, heredity and environmental factors do play a part. But so does pushing down emotions, repressing different traumas and grief. Over time they can lead to any number of physical issues as well. Not just depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. There are Spiritual meanings and functions for each of our organs as well. Did you know that Grief, sadness and regret can be stored in the lungs? This is why grief can feel like a heaviness on our chest and make it hard to catch our breath at times.

    When we feel a strong emotion or a trigger comes up, it is good practice to pay attention to our physical body to see where we feel it. That can give us an indication of which chakra may need some balancing or releasing as well as to what the root of the problem can be. This is where energy healing can really help out! But, do you have to be a healer in order to release these things? The answer is no. Going to an energy healer Helps a lot faster and more effectively, yes… and we are intuitive so we can give more insight to the issues at hand… however there are many ways you can help yourself as well! I fully believe in empowering people to help themselves where they can.

 I had lifetimes of grief, piled up within me. I didn’t know growing up or even as a young adult. I developed asthma at about age of 6 and then off and on dealt with bouts of sadness, depression and more over the years. Until I went to a healer, Laurin Wittig, my latest guest interview, I did not know about the organs storing energy of emotions or even that we could release it! She helped me realize I had blockages within my chakras and some of how they were caused. We pulled out some of the grief, the parts I was ready to let go of at the time… and I started feeling lighter. My asthma stayed, however. It did improve… but I had more growing to do Spiritually and more to release. Did you know that many use anger as a refuge from feeling grief? It felt better for me to be angry than despondent and in despair growing up. I had to consciously allow my Spiritual Team, my Guides to help me release much of that anger before we could uncover more of the grief. It is a process. It is worth it! But man, is it a process!

    Now, how they heck can we do a lot of this on our own? It kinda seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? I thought so at first. The full realization that we have more control than we have been taught to believe is daunting. This is where self care and creating more self awareness come into play. Self care is a huge component of Spiritual Hygiene! In episode 8 of the Uniquely Loved Podcast, we talked about grounding and releasing and the many benefits of putting this into your daily routine. I am stressing that practice again as it is SUPER important! It helps us with releasing the yuck and consciously choosing to draw in supporting energies from Mother Earth and the Universe. Keeping a good flow of these energies help us to break up the blockages and old gunk and get them away from us. This frees up our Spiritual Teams into helping in more effective ways as we are performing much of the “clean up process” so they don’t have to add that on to their to-do list. You can do this in many ways. I even have some guided meditations on my YouTube channel, Tech Witch Niki to help teach you how with energy channeling to aid you in the process.

     Employing healthy coping mechanisms help tremendously. Feeling bubbles of emotion welling up within you? How do you normally let these out? Do you vent? Do you yell? Do you just cry? Do you do anything destructive when you get emotionally upset? I know anger can cause irritability and outbursts of temper ranging from yelling to even something self destructive, hitting walls, or harsh words.

 Here are some alternatives that work with ANY of these emotions:


Hitting a punching bag while boxing or kick boxing is very therapeutic. Even if the emotion is not anger, it still helps as an outlet. As does many other exercises, sports and training programs.


Getting out in nature is calming, balancing and refreshing. You can enjoy the moment and let the other stuffs just process if need be. Or let the wind, earth, and water take away the heavier energies, again keeping a good flow of energy within you.

  Get Creative-

Creative writing helps us get out all the thoughts, emotions and symbolism in our heads and put it on paper. You can be as logical or as abstract with it as you like. Drawing, coloring and doodling help get out the more abstract concepts and can help you get the feelings out in a way that words just can’t always express. Even scribbling outside the lines with lots of colors can be wonderfully releasing. Go to town on a coloring book like a toddler with no rules! Sculpting with clay or other mediums can be therapeutic as you are shaping the clay from nothing but a block to something within you. Kneading and hitting the clay can be very satisfying as well.


Speaking of Kneading…. Baking bread or other goods can also give you the same satisfaction as you are shaping dough and having to work it with your hands. Cooking and baking are fantastic ways to cope because you can also bring in different herbs and spices into your dish that hold meaning for you. Want some clarity? Add Rosemary. Want Strength and Courage? Add some Ginger to your meal. Find what resonates with you and get creative.

 Making things is a satisfying way to have an outlet as well as give you the sense of, “Yeah, I was struggling, but I made this thing! I didn’t let it keep me down!”


Find someone you can talk to. There is NO Shame in getting help if you need it! Counseling works wonders!!! If you have a friend you are comfortable with discussing your emotions to, ask them! Writing it out is great as well. You can get it all out on the page and then burn it or tear it up as a symbolic way of release. If you are not comfortable with talking to anyone you know… Talk to me! If you like to write, vent away and email or message it to me! Let me know if you want feedback or just some validation and a shoulder to lean on. I will honor your wishes. Find me at my facebook page Tech Witch Lair or email me at  I also have a special going on called the Energy Exchange Special. If you want to talk to me via zoom, I can draw the yucky energies away from you and channel supporting, soothing, loving energies to you. This will aid you in releasing and then filling up your cup with the energies you need all in your highest good. Because I am channeling and taking on the emotions and energies you need to release, I do charge a small fee. $10 for 30 minutes of venting, releasing and energy healing. I provide a confidential and judgement free safe space. The emailing or messaging is always free. To book a session of the Energy Exchange, Click Here.


Taking baths and being in water help us integrate energies, emotions and changes. It is cleansing and refreshing. If you are taking a bath or even just washing your hands, set the intention of releasing everything that needs to be released within you into the water and let it flow down the drain. You can even visualize bringing in the power of water to cleanse your chakras and all Spiritual bodies as well as absorb some of the calming, refreshing energies that water holds. Drinking water helps us not only stay hydrated but also helps us integrate all the energy work our Guides do for us. We are always getting energy downloads or uploads from the Universe. Water helps these to flow and integrate more efficiently.


Put on some tunes that express what you are feeling and sing along if you know the words. Music can help us let these emotions flow and release in so many ways. I know if I need to get out some aggression or anger, or want to feel empowered, I put on some music that is hard, electrifying and sassy! Nonpoint, Sevendust, Halestorm, Dorothy, Killswitch Engage, Shinedown and Avenged Sevenfold are many of my go-to bands. I rock out in my car or home and it helps me vent in a way that is more symbolic of the issue. It still works wonders! Dancing and moving along with the music is also a wonderful release as well!  If I feel sad but can’t cry… I will find songs that make me teary eyed so it will come out. There is absolutely NO SHAME in crying. It is a natural pressure release for our bodies. If I am feeling frustrated for not being able to speak my truth to some people, I put on empowering music that says what I could not, or did not get a chance to say. Music, speaking and even writing our truth, what is true and resonates with us on a personal and soulful level helps us release blockages within our throat chakra.


When dealing with strong emotions or energy shifts within me, I can get fatigued quickly. Have you ever gotten really tired after an emotional outburst? Doesn’t matter if it is crying, anger, frustration or anything else. Our bodies need time to rest and heal after a release like that. The healthier coping mechanisms we talked about can help reduce some of the fatigue, but it is natural and can still happen. When we release these bubbles of repressed energies and emotions, we make room for positive growth, and shifts in our consciousness and perceptions. We can feel growing aches and pains in many cases, similar to a kid going through a growth spurt. Rest will help us weather these changes without straining us in the process. Listen to your body. It holds so many clues!

Remember that no matter what you are going through, no matter the changes occurring in your life:

You Deserve Compassion!

You Deserve Kindness!

You Deserve Love!

You Are Worthy!

Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to a good friend. Offer yourself the same kind of encouragement and compassion. You Deserve this.

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

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