Exploring Our Spiritual Gifts

Let us explore many of the different spiritual gifts that we all can unlock and enhance! I will break these down for you and give examples of how they can manifest. I want to preface this by saying EVERYONE has the potential to have some or even all of these gifts. I also call them abilities because they are skills that we can learn and enhance with practice and patience. Everyone has a little bit of these in them because they are something we know and do at Soul level. We use our intuition to tap into these abilities. The more we are connected to our intuition, the more we can cultivate these abilities.

Many call these gifts the Clairs because they all start with that word. Clair means Clear. We have: ClairTangent, ClairAlence, ClairAudient, ClairSentient, ClairEmpathetic, ClairCogniance, and ClairVoyance. Now there are other terms for many of these gifts. These are what I learned and what stuck with me.

Clair Tangent is Clear Taste. Have you ever gotten a random taste in your mouth without actually eating or drinking? I have tasted blood before when reading about true crimes before it got to the bloody part of the story. I have also tasted brownies just before my kiddos came in asking for me to make some. The worst one was tasting vomit a few moments before my dog threw up in the house. If I had realized what it meant sooner, I would have gotten him outside in time. Sigh Live and learn.

Clair Alience is Clear Smelling. Sometimes we pick up scents without any rational explanation. Some very common ones are cigarettes and cigar smoke even when not near anyone smoking. People may try to say that you were around someone earlier and it clung to you. While that is a possibility, I have had this happen when I never left the home and no one inside smokes or went around anyone smoking. Other Common scents can be Flowers, perfumes, desserts, breads, incense, wood, grass, water, and more. Often these scents are indicators that a loved one who has passed on is near you and wants to offer comfort or support. Other times it is an effort to get our attention. Once, a Guide, gave me the scent of brownies to let me know she wanted me to make some for us and Her. Another gave me the scent of Snickerdoodles (those sugar and cinnamon cookies) because she likes them and wanted me to make some with my daughters for fun and offerings.

Clair Audient is Clear Hearing. This comes in a wide variety of ways. You can hear ringing in the ears (that is different than tinnitus), hear voices in your head or with your ears, hear song lyrics or music, hear muffled voices as if you were in a room away from that conversation. This one can get very confusing as we try to understand and expand this gift. Mine started with the ringing in the ears I do have tinnitus but I found this to be a different frequescy, sometimes hearing a static type noise. As I grew into this ability, I occasionally heard what sounded like jazz playing. Fun music with horns, guitars and piano. Then I would realize I could hear my Guides within my own mind, and it sounded like my own internal voice, but I could tell it wasn’t as the info I was getting wasn’t anything I knew about. That was cool and confusing until I got the hang of it. One day I was joking with my husband. I saw a meme about Loki from the Marvel movies and the hubby said some thing snarky. I told him be careful because Loki might hear him. I was joking, hadn’t actually talked with that particular God yet. Well I heard very clearly with my ears a masculine voice say “ Oh I heard alright.” I froze and then told the hubby what I heard. Loki laughed it off and the told me to get on tarot so we could have a proper conversation. So that was fun. Great introduction! He definitely knows how to make an entrance.

Clair Sentience is Clear Sensing or Clear Feeling. This often gets confused with Clair Empathy which we will go over next. Clair Sentience is getting psychic information through emotions and energies. You can sense what someone is feeling even if they don’t give off the normal verbal or behavioral clues. People with this ability get “gut Feelings” and can read between the lines more often than normal. These people can come off as overly sensitive to the world around them. They can form emotional connections to others within a few minutes of even meeting them. Someone with ClearSentience can get vibes or a sick to the stomach feelings in a place that has an abundance of negative feelings, energies, or people.

 Clair Empathetic is Clear Emotions. If you ever watched Star Trek The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi was extremely skilled in being Empathic and Sensitive to emotions. People with ClairEmpathy can get more information from an emotion than many others. They can even literally Feel Someone else’s emotions without them even expressing it verbally. People with this ability can feel emotions even from reading a story, it doesn’t matter if it is fiction or nonfiction it goes off of what the author was feeling when writing. This also leads to appearing overly sensitive to the world around you. This ability tends to come with some Clairsentience as well. As people with Clair Empathy can intune information based on the emotions they are feeling. The major difference between the two is that those that are more Clair Sentient will not literally feel another person’s emotions whereas a person who is Empathetic will feel them physically as if they are their own emotions. This is tough as many many Empaths need to learn to shield themselves so they are not overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Many of them will feel the need to avoid large gatherings of people. If you or someone you know are overwhelmed with certain global or local events you may be experiencing and empathetic response.

Clair Cognizance is Clear Knowing. Have you ever known something without being told or reading it somewhere? This can come with touching an object and just knowing something about it, about the owner or who made it. It can come with you encountering a specific situation and you just know what is about to happen without knowing why you know. This can even be thinking about a person right before they message or call you. Many try to expand this kind of ability to play in the lottery or other monetary endeavors. Have you ever just finished another person’s sentence? Get a flash of insight on a situation or person without really knowing where it came from? These are all examples of Clair Cognizance.

The last one is very very well known. Clair Voyance. Many assume this is a way to tell the future. That is not the only way this ability shows up. Clairvoyance is Clear Vision or Clear Seeing. Many will use this when Scrying in a crystal ball, mirror or even water. Some, use this ability when doing what is called Remote Viewing. This ability is to see in your minds eye (or even dream) something outside of yourself. It can be in another room or even miles or oceans away! Yes, many can glimpse future (or even past) events. Sometimes these glimpses and visions appear as if the people involved were moving about, other times it comes like looking at a picture. The universe also likes to use symbology as well. Many energy healers will “see” with their minds eye the blockages a person has and can then use that as a guide to balance and heal those specific areas. Others, can see or perceive a Spirit or Guide nearby. Some will see orbs, lights, flickers of energy, shadows, colors and even animals.

Another ability is to channel energy. This is different than any of the Clair abilities however many who learn to do this, have those gifts or abilities as well. Energy channeling can be used in healing, balancing or even supporting ways. There are many different methods to do this. A very popular one is called Reiki. Other ways include Esoteric and Quantum healing. Many people will channel energy to cleanse a space and raise the vibration of it. The Only limits to our abilities are our own imaginations! We can learn, enhance and expand our skills as we grow.

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