We Are More Than Our First Impressions

Have you ever been judged by the first impression someone gets of you? It doesn’t feel very good, does it? We all have off days. The days where we don’t feel our best. The days where things we say seem to get taken the wrong way.

You know the people who have that amazing ability to not look like they care about anything at all? Many call the look, “Resting Bitch Face”. Often these people look like they are mean yet have the largest hearts you have ever seen.

We cannot judge a person by how they appear at first glance. Humans are so Diverse and Wonderful! We can learn so much from each other, if we would just get past the “first impression bias” that we get conditioned into learning.

The SAME goes for our Spiritual Guides!

Just as we are Diverse and Wonderful, so too are our Guides! Many get ‘typecast’ or stereotyped into being only one way. If we humans are multifaceted, why would we think our Guides are only one way? That doesn’t make sense to me at all. There are so many Guides who get put into a box of only being known for one thing.


Why not break your thinking outside of the boxes we are taught to fit in. Our Guides want us to be as unlimited as possible. So why do we limit THEM? Question the things people just tell us to believe. Read and learn for yourself! Experience for yourself! That is how we learn and grow!

I love helping people explore their own unique paths without judgement or pushing my own beliefs. I find truth and magic in ALL paths. I support the growth of the individual. As well as helping you connect with your own Spiritual Team. We all have SO MUCH Support! We just usually don’t realize it.

Be Adventurous!

Always remember
You are Accepted
You are Valid
You are Loved

So much Love and Support,

About The Author

    I help people fall in love with, and FULLY Accept themselves. I help people break through self-limiting beliefs and calm their inner storms. I help people get creative and find adventure in their Life Again. I help people realize they are far more Loved, Accepted, and Supported then they give themselves credit for. My passion is to help people transform into the best versions of themselves! I am a Certified Professional Life Coach who uses Traditional and Spiritual techniques. Some of my methods include: CBT, NLP, Mindful Stress Release, Energy healing and channeling; divination and mentoring to help you feel better; learn about your spiritual team; connect with them; and co-create with Fate to create the life you have always dreamed of! I am trained in the Shamanic Arts, a Medium, Esoteric Energy Healer, Psychopomp and more, who uses technology in my craft. I perform my services in person AND via Zoom! There are No Limits to where we can go!

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