The Goddess Nyx is said to have been born from Chaos at the beginning of everything. She is the Titan Primordial Goddess of Night itself. Much of the Ancient texts seem to focus more on her family as opposed to her own Unique qualities. Everything I can find celebrates her for who her Children are. Some sources say that even Zues respected her and would not defy or anger her in any way. Even when one of her own children tried to make him fall and stay asleep at Hera’s behest. Hypnos took refuge within his Mother’s cave and Zues dared not enter after him because he did not want to suffer her wrath.

    Most of the other descriptions revolve around how she appears and who she is with. So, I will give you information based on my own experiences with this Enigmatic Goddess. The first time I encountered her, I was reading tarot with Hekate. I could feel another energy flow into my space and I felt this tug and pull between two energies. I could feel Hekate’s energy because I was chatting with her using the cards. Then when this other energy flowed in, I felt the sense of “No You Don’t! You are Not pushing your way in here!” I was confused as to what was happening until I used my pendulum to ask about this new energy. I was still young in my practice and Hekate and Ra and others were teaching me boundaries and mediating with them, my Guides.

    Once I got that it was another Goddess essentially pushing her way in, I had to stand my ground and tell her to Wait. I said I would get to her once I was done conversing with Hekate. Had a feeling of jealousy wash over me. It was very strange as I was still getting used to the idea I could tell Gods, Goddesses, Angels, etc… what to do and stand my ground. I was still shaking off the idea (conditioning) that other faiths push, that we are beneath these Divine Beings and have to submit. So, I stood my ground and then got to experience Nyx.

    She likes to say, “I don’t want to be seen as a Mother figure to you… You already have that… I am an Instigator.” And boy is she right! She has instigated so much exploration and growth with myself and my hubby. When I finally could ‘hear’ her voice, I get a soft but determined Southern Bell type accent. She comes across much like a younger Blanche from the Golden Girls. A Southern Debutant who takes no shit and will guide you into your inner darkness. All to show you that the fear in there is all an illusion! Not really something to fear at all. Once that fear is removed, real Growth happens! We Soar Higher! She then leads us to follow our Passions, Delights, Loves, Joys and more so we may fully Enjoy this life we are given.

    She is an Amazing Guide to work with.


The artwork is a digital watercolor created by me, Niki Jones.

If you are interested in purchasing your own 8×10 print of Nyx without the watermark, Click Here. I will print it on Glossy Photo Paper so the colors pop, just like in this digital watercolor painting. Tax and shipping are included in the price for the US. Outside the US is subject to change, email me to let me know where so I can adjust price.

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