Myth: I Have to be Gifted my Very First Tarot Deck

    The myth that we Have to be given our very first tarot deck is old and outdated. It stems from those who used to mentor the new initiates into the fold of their new group, coven, path, etc… This idea is great when there are many groups that are visible and findable for anyone wanting to explore their more Spiritual Roots. However, due to so many of us feeling the need to hide who and how we are, these groups are harder to find for the brand-new person just starting out.

    This idea has stopped so many people from exploring and experimenting with connecting to their own Spiritual Teams and Higher Self for So Long! It keeps people in fear of doing the ‘wrong thing’ and not learning on their own in ways that resonate with them. Not everyone can find a group right away.

That. Is. OK.

    There are so many solitary practitioners out there. Everyone is exploring their own Unique Power and Connections. In their own way. That is a beautiful thing! So, if you are interested in learning Tarot, go find a deck that you will fall in love with. Find one that intrigues you! It takes time to learn. It takes time and practice to connect with your Intuition and find the meanings for each situation. Have Patience with yourself and your progress. Using a deck that you love the artwork of, will help you keep going when frustration hits.

Do Not Let a Gatekeeping Myth keep you from learning and growing!

You Can Buy Your Own Tarot Deck!


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    I help people fall in love with, and FULLY Accept themselves. I help people break through self-limiting beliefs and calm their inner storms. I help people get creative and find adventure in their Life Again. I help people realize they are far more Loved, Accepted, and Supported then they give themselves credit for. My passion is to help people transform into the best versions of themselves! I am a Certified Professional Life Coach who uses Traditional and Spiritual techniques. Some of my methods include: CBT, NLP, Mindful Stress Release, Energy healing and channeling; divination and mentoring to help you feel better; learn about your spiritual team; connect with them; and co-create with Fate to create the life you have always dreamed of! I am trained in the Shamanic Arts, a Medium, Esoteric Energy Healer, Psychopomp and more, who uses technology in my craft. I perform my services in person AND via Zoom! There are No Limits to where we can go!

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