Find Your Joy

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Have you ever taken a few minutes to just think about all the different things that make you feel Joyful? How about Happy? Have you heard the term, “Counting your Blessings”? Think back today, or even since the weekend. How many times did you smile? What moments made you feel like smiling? Like laughing? Like giving someone a big hug? I call these moments the Warm and Fuzzy moments. Or the Warm and Fuzzies. Cause there are moments in my day where I just get a warm and fuzzy feeling around my heart or even around my whole body/spirit. I liken it to being wrapped up in a nice warm blanket fresh out of the dryer.

 I want you to do just that. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Do you have more than you originally thought you would?

Seek out moments like these every day. Talk about them! To others or even just tell yourself how good something is. Someone makes you feel like smiling? Do it and tell them! Chances are, they meant to do so but are unsure how it would be received. People rarely recognize the impact we have on each other any given day. For good and bad. So, when you come across a moment that is good, someone makes you feel good, Tell Them! It will brighten their day just as they brightened yours.

Write down these moments so you can look back on them at the end of the day, or even the end of the week. This way, you have good moments to reflect on when challenges arise. Life is full of them. Life is a challenge itself sometimes. Finding and reflecting on the little and large moments that make us feel Happy, Joyful, Warm and Fuzzy, help us get through those challenges easier than if we didn’t remember them. Because we are looking for the good instead of focusing on the hard, the lessons, the stress. Stress is there, yes. However, focusing on the good moments, the good situations will help you change how you look at the entire lesson overall. And THAT is how you change the entire situation! Little good moments will add up to a great Big wonderful Life! Those little moments are what make our life a great one.

There is ALWAYS something good in a day. Even if it is just one smile. This is how we start to look deeper into our life lessons and learn the wisdom behind them. Look at a situation in every different way possible. This is how we analyze and reflect to learn and grow.

Finding out what makes us Happy and Joyful will enrich our lives in so many ways. Is your day to day life making you feel Joyful and Fulfilled? If not, what can you do to change that? Where can you add some little bits of Happy to your day to day life? What can you do for yourself that truly makes you feel Joy? Is that Joy found in helping others feel it? Is that Joy found in music? Is your Joy found in Nature? Is your Joy found in art? Is what you are passionate about tied to your Joy? Try to discover exactly what ideas, moments, events, etc.. that add or bring Joy into your life. It doesn’t matter if it is something tiny or absolutely giant sized. If it brings you Joy and Happiness, write it down! It deserves credit! You Deserve Credit!

Find out all the areas that bring you Joy and make MORE OF IT! You Deserve to Smile! You Deserve a life of Smiles, Joy, Happiness and Passion. Find all your Joy and then be Grateful for it! Express your Gratitude to those you interact with! They will respond with More! Express your Gratitude to the Universe! Let the Powers That Be know you are Grateful for the life you have, for all the Joy’s, for all the Happy’s, for all the Warm and Fuzzies. It will respond with More.

Change how you look at things and you will change your life!

Always Remember,

You are Accepted
You are Valid
You are Loved

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

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    I help people fall in love with, and FULLY Accept
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