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Three Days Grace has a song that has been resonating with me lately. It is called, The Mountain. You can check out their official lyric video on youtube here:

Some of the lyrics are:

Another night I’m barely holding on
One step away from being dead and gone
Am I alive to die another day?
Is this life that I’ve been livin’
All that’s meant for me?

This verse tells us just how low he feels. How crushed he is by the weight of his circumstances or even just life in general. He questions his very existence and wonders if he is meant for more. EVERYONE goes through trying times that make us ask questions such as these! I have several times in my life and it is entirely possible, I will do so again. I learn each time. I grow each time. I get better each time. I KNOW this.

More of the song:

Every day I’m just surviving
Keep climbin’ the mountain
Even when I feel like dyin’
Keep climbing the mountain

The Higher I go, the harder I fall
So I don’t look down, I don’t look back at all
And when I wish it would all turn to black
I try to see the light and push the darkness back

  I love this song so much because it describes just how hard life and situations can be sometimes. The singer tells the listener how low he gets, how bad it gets, he keeps climbing and forging ahead. He KNOWS there is something better once he pushes through the muck and low times. He has faith that it WILL all work out. He repeats that no matter what, he tries to see the light and push the darkness back. We ALL have this light inside us! When it gets dim, it is time to take care of yourself. It is time to nurture that light, that hope, that passion! That light is fueled by our own passions, our drive, and our purpose. Remind yourself of what you love, what you live for, what makes you feel like YOU. It can be difficult to remember what makes you feel happy in rough times. Go back to when you were a kid and remember what made you happy then? If that doesn’t work, think about the things that bring a smile to your lips. Do you have songs that make you FEEL? Do you draw or write or create something that makes you feel like yourself? Make you feel accomplished? If you must, make a list. If you can do this when you are feeling up, even better. Then use it every time you feel like you have lost your spark.

  Talking to people can help tremendously. Just knowing that others have been in a similar situation helps us feel like we are not alone in this. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! I am stressing this because I have been there more times than I can count. Even surrounded by people, I have felt utterly alone and desperate. I am here to tell you that IT DOES GET BETTER! You are worth the fight. You are WORTHY of fighting! Climb your mountain, walk your path, find what makes you FEEL like you are YOU. Own your passions, what makes you different from others. This has been a common theme from my Guides. I am working on this myself. I am a work in progress. So are you. We are all in this together.

Always remember,

You are Accepted
You are Valid
You are Loved

Much Love and Support,
  Niki Jones 

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