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Yesterday, I was visited by Oghma and Morrigan who gave me inspiration to write this article. They want you all to know the benefits of connecting to Spirit, the Universe, any Deities, Angels, Spirit Animals and Guides as well as how to connect and what to look out for. They wanted me to focus on three cards. The first is the 4 of Vessels:

4 of Vessels from my deck The Wild Wood Tarot

This card shows a woman who is bored and unhappy with her situation. She is so focused on what is going wrong, that she cannot see the blessings literally pouring out to her from above. There are many reasons for feeling disenchanted or even trapped in life. However staying in this mindset can lead us to getting stuck in this rut. When we get beaten down by our circumstances or even by our own choices, there is a real threat of staying down and becoming emotionally detached. When this happens, we can become disconnected from those we care about, from our own Spirits and eventually fall into a black hole of despair. Black holes are a vacuum where all positive energy, light, and vitality fall in but never get put back out into the Universe. When we find ourselves in this position, it seems way too dark and difficult to climb out of this mindset. It is possible! There is HOPE! Nature abhors a vacuum. If you ask for help IT WILL ARRIVE! The key is to shift how you are looking at things to be able to SEE the hands outstretched to help you.

Once you are ready to acknowledge you need help, you are ready to start receiving it! We have to recognize there is a problem before we can start to look for a solution. Our Guides want to help us in ALL areas of our lives, not just the Spiritual aspects. Our Guides want us to have a meaningful relationship with them, similar as we have with our friends and family. They are here to support us, guide us, offer us love, comfort, encouragement and acceptance. How can you tell if someone is reaching out to help/talk/connect? Well, look for signs and little synchronicities. Do you notice an animal acting stranger than normal around you? Like a bird that seems to be everywhere you go. Look up the Spiritual meaning for that particular animal. Do you notice reoccurring or repeating numbers throughout the day or even over a week? Look up the Angel Number meaning. Do you keep finding feathers in your path? Check out the Spiritual meaning for a feather of that color. Do you have people who keep coming to mind? A Guide may be saying to you, call them, reach out to them. These are only a few of the ways our Guides try to get our attention. They provide messages and clues to what they are trying to say.

How else can we connect with our Guides? Well, I have already shown one way with the Tarot cards. There are many forms of Divination we have at our disposal. Tarot, Oracle cards, Runes, I Ching, Tea Leaf reading, throwing Bones, Scrying with a mirror or water, and using a Pendulum are some ways. If you don’t have any of these, or are not comfortable trying them out, you can also try meditation. There are many ways to meditate. A simple way is to sit or lay comfortably and do some deep breathing. Just let your mind and body relax. Don’t force your mind to clear that only makes it harder to relax, trust me, I know. Whatever pops into your head, acknowledge it and let it flow away. When you are relaxed you will be in a receptive frame of mind. Here is where we are most likely to receive messages and inspiration. We also get this way as we are falling asleep. Our Guides use a variety of methods to get through to us without freaking us out. Old memories, songs, poems, old conversations may pop into your head. They can seem random but usually contain parts of, or the whole message. I have also had cartoon images, old tv shows/movie scenes also come in as clues. One Guide showed up looking like a cartoon lion. Morrigan came to me in a meditation, I saw myself outside the back gate to my yard and she was there. She looked at me and I felt this intense energy in my chest at my heart chakra. She was showing me something I needed to bring to light to heal later on. I didn’t understand that part at the time, however. I just thought it was cool I saw her and felt her presence, I thought it was just her energy that I was feeling.

Once you have picked one or several ways to communicate with your Guides, you must practice. Learning any new skill takes time. This is no exception. Perseverance and determination will make you proficient in anything you put your mind to. Don’t get discouraged. It took me a long time to connect with the deck I am using to get messages from the Ancient Irish Deities. Reading, researching, getting creative and practicing all help us connect with our Guides. Learn about them, talk to them. They hear us even if we talk in our heads to them. That is part of the beauty of Spiritual connections. They want to help us make decisions that are true to our hearts and our Soul. They want to help us feel secure in life and to be who we are meant to be. They want to help us find our voice and speak our truth. They want to support us and help empower us to not need outside validation. They want to help bring us balance and harmony in our daily lives as well as our Spiritual ones. They want to help us find the people we are meant to be with, our Soul Tribe. They want to help shift our focus to the positives, the blessings, the love that surrounds us always. They want to help us get out of the dark places and see that life is worth living to it’s fullest! To see that YOU are WORTHY of being Happy and Fulfilled! That YOU are WORTHY of Unconditional LOVE. That you ARE Unconditionally Loved no matter what! Just as you are. Right Now. Right Here. This very moment.

This leads into the other two cards Oghma and Morrigan wanted me to share with you today:

10 of Vessels and 3 of Vessels from The Wild Wood Tarot

The 10 of Vessels has the keyword Happiness on it. This is because the card means generous fulfillment of desires from a source that is pure and cleansing. True emotional stability and freedom are offered with this card. “With the deep and profound calm of true and lasting happiness flowing through your life, a sense of homecoming, safety and beauty shines from an individual that lights others’ lives and is infectious to everyone. As we revel in the bliss of the journey, we remember with gratitude the patience, wisdom, and synchronicity that brought that blessing into our lives.” The 3 of Vessels states: “The ability to connect directly to Joy allows us the healing and empowering energies to flow through you and is a gift from the Universe.” This card shows us that no matter what we go through, there is always something we can find Joy in. Even in the tough times, the Universe wants to bring us Hope, Joy, Comfort, Strength and so much more. These are what our Guides, our Souls, The Universe, The Divine all want for us. They want us to connect with them so we can co-create our lives with them. Co-create our destinies with them!

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

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