Witch, What’s In A Name?

The word Witch tends to be said in hushed tones and whispers as history has us believing Witches are people to be feared. What is a Witch, really? We go by many names in every culture around the world. Webster’s Dictionary tells us that a Witch is a woman who is thought to have magic powers; a person who practices magic as part of a religion; and an unpleasant woman. These definitions do a disservice to what Witches across the world truly are.

Witches have been healers throughout the ages in every culture. There are Witches who stay with the lighter side; those who stay in the darker arts; and those who like to keep a healthy balance of the two. Now, when I say light and dark, I do NOT mean good and evil. Witchcraft is a dynamic and ever flowing practice that celebrates all of Nature and the wonders of the Cosmos. Just as humans are vastly different, so too are our paths and uses of Magick.

Shamans, Bruja’s, Seer’s, Witchdoctors, Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, Druids, Necromancers, Mystics, Voodoo and Hoodoo Practitioners are all different types of Witches. This is how truly diverse our Magickal Universe is. They are also just labels to describe who we are and give a small idea of what we do. The labels themselves are not as important as the roles we play to help strengthen our connections to the Powers in the Universe. History tries to convince us we are separated from these Powers. Separation is the lie. The truth is we are all Divinely connected to each other AND all the Universe!

Absolutely everyone has the potential to tap into the Universe. The trick is to set aside Ego and social conditionings to listen to the voice of hope and love inside us all. We all have gifts we can learn and cultivate to forge our own destinies. Each path is unique. The Key to finding our way is to listen to your intuition and connect with your Soul. No religion is required. There is no one set way to achieve connection. There is no one mandatory set of rules we must follow.

You may be wondering; “But, what about the evil or black magic witches?” Well, I am here to tell you that every path is sanctioned and necessary. The word Evil is typically used when people fear the unknown. Black Magick is typically used to describe those who work with the dead, Spirits, dark entities and those who delve into the darkness to bring balance where needed. Yes, there are hexes and curses. It is up to the practitioner to use them correctly and not in a way that does not sit well within their heart and Soul. Spells, Magicks, Spiritual practices are all tools to be used along our own journeys.

Witches, no matter the title we go by, are not to be feared. We are teachers, healers, mentors, guides, way-showers, protectors, banishers, counselors, star readers, and so much more!

Much Love and Support,
Niki Jones

About the Author:

    I help people fall in love with, and FULLY Accept
themselves. I help people break through self-limiting beliefs and calm their
inner storms. I help people get creative and find adventure in their Life
Again. I help people realize they are far more Loved, Accepted, and Supported
then they give themselves credit for. My passion is to help people transform
into the best versions of themselves! I am a Certified Professional Life Coach
who uses Traditional and Spiritual techniques. Some of my methods include: CBT,
NLP, Mindful Stress Release, Energy healing and channeling; divination and
mentoring to help you feel better; learn about your spiritual team; connect
with them; and co-create with Fate to create the life you have always dreamed of!
I am trained in the Shamanic Arts, a Medium, Esoteric Energy Healer, Psychopomp
and more, who uses technology in my craft. I perform my services in person AND
via Zoom! There are No Limits to where we can go!


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