Archangel Azrael

    My first encounter with Archangel Azrael was intense. I was learning to trust my Guides and my own path in general when he stepped forward to work with me. I was going through my very first conscious “ego death and rebirth”. Our Spiritual Growth goes in cycles. So many cycles. We are continuously growing, expanding, and then something within us is “dying” as we let it go. Now that thing that “dies” is the old patterns, old addictions, old toxic modes of thinking, and coping mechanisms we adopted just to survive. We should be happy when these things fall away, right?

    Well…. We often will begin to identify with these patterns. They become a part of us and we think they are permanent. So, when we are needing to let it go…. We feel we are losing an integral part of who we are. We fall into thinking things like: “Who am I without the drinking?” and “Who am I if I am not the Survivor of this thing?” and “Who am I if I don’t have these patterns to fall back on?”  And more. The fears we feel are valid, yet they are limiting and not the actual TRUTH of our situation. That is the comfort zone we are used to calling us back into it’s toxic and self-sabotaging embrace.

    We see the healing version of ourselves and want it. Crave it. Then get scared to move forward because it is an unknown. The unknown is scary. We also begin to MISS and Grieve what we lost. Or, rather, we Grieve who we were before we needed to survive and Miss who we could have been. Or get caught up in thinking and fantasizing how our life could have been without that thing, or those things happening. At least, that was my experience.

    I had just performed a cord cutting ritual for myself to help me sever ties to “All that is not in my Highest Good.” I phrased it that way because I knew I had a LOT to let go of. I couldn’t get specific on what I wanted gone because I wasn’t at a space to be able to even put it into words yet. I just knew I needed massive change. I had already quit drinking and was dealing with all the emotions that come up when healing addictions. All the crap I was hiding from and numbing. I was feeling it. I did a healing ritual right after as well to aid in the healing from all this letting go.

    Within a day or two, Hekate brought me signs that she wanted me to work with another Guide. It took a bit for me to realize this new Guide was Archangel Azrael. I only had impressions of him as the Grim Reaper. I got scared and thought at first, he was there because I was gonna die a literal physical death. They assured me that was not the case through tarot and my pendulum. He was there to help me work though the Grief I felt for the girl and woman I never got the chance to be. I spent so long in survival mode that I lost who I was and who I was meant to be. I had to heal those feelings of loss and he was there to help me with that. He has been with me forever, I am getting. Supporting and sending nudges of “Change is needed, you can do it.” Along with messages like, “We are here to help you though this. You are Not Alone in this!”

    Archangel Azrael is so much more than people make him out to be. They only see the one side of him. I have been fortunate to be able to experience many sides. For him and many of my Guides. If you are needing healing from Grief, Loss, Sadness, Regret, and more…. Please don’t overlook this amazing Guide. Archangel Azrael wants to help us HEAL and GROW before we make the physical transition from this plane of existence.


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