Myth: The Tower Card Only Means Horrible Changes

    There is this perception that the Tower Card in any Tarot Deck is absolutely terrifying! I have had client’s go “UH OH” when it pops out in a reading. Even if the other cards were all positive! So many people think that this card is ONLY Doom and Gloom. I believe this is primarily due to us fearing change and the unknown.

I know it doesn’t help when the Tower Card looks like a Tower getting struck by lightning and people are falling off of it. This imagry is designed to make us think about life altering changes. The kind that shake up our foundations and make us rethink a situation, an issue, a relationship, how we are behaving, and even life in general! I got this card a Lot when I decided to quit drinking alcohol and start my sober journey. And that led to HUGE POSITIVE Changes within literally EVERY aspect of my life! *this card is from The Tarot Of The Divine Deck. I love it!

    The Tower Card (in the upright position) usually symbolizes huge changes happening TO us. This gives us a feeling of not being in control, and many see that as really scary. I get it. I used to think this way as well. This card can indicate major changes happening in our world, in our lives, even within our Spiritual Growth. However, we should not fear change. Change propels us forward. It shows us what needs addressing, fixing, healing, and more. The Tower can show us that we are going to be getting laid off, get news that will shake our world up, even show major events happening around the world! All depending on the context of the reading.

Great Changes Happen Too!

    People always seem to assume the worst of this card. Assume the worst will always come out of changes. This card can also indicate a Marriage Proposal, a Big Promotion, a Lottery Win, getting approved for the program you have been dreaming about for months or years…. All of these changes are Fabulous! Wonderful! Exciting! They also usher in huge changes for us. Even wonderful changes can be a bit scary. There is still an element of the unknown with them. This is completely normal.

    Anytime the Tower comes out in a reading, look at the cards that are with it. They will give clues as to what kind of changes. Sometimes it is a surprise gift from the Universe. Allow yourself to see this card as a sign that changes are happening… but You get a ‘heads up’ from your Guides and Higher Self as to what is coming in.

Tarot Reading Tip:

    Here is a tarot pull I do often. I will shuffle with the intention of finding out what is changing within my life today, this week, soon.. Whatever it is I am feeling the need for. If that card does not jump out, I will stop shuffling when I feel ready to. Then I will search the deck for the Tower and pull that card along with the card on either side of the Tower. This will give me an indication as to the energies around the changes flowing in.

    Give it a try! Allow yourself to believe you Deserve GOOD Changes TOO!! I Promise you, that YOU DO! Stop assuming that the Tower is Only Bad Changes! Stop assuming only bad changes happen. Good ones happen all the time too! We just need to be open to seeing them.

So much Love and Support,

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