Cultivating Peaceful Moments

Right before sunset, we decided to chill at a local park to enjoy Nature and the Energies of the Full Moon. 🌝 My daughters call this Unicorny Day. They got it from a story that says Unicorns come out during the Full Moon to Play! πŸ¦„πŸ˜βœ¨

Peaceful Lake at local park, taken by me.

Wooded Path at local park. Featuring my kiddos.

It was so Peaceful. This sense of Peace is something I have been Manifesting and Cultivating for YEARS! I was finally able to Feel it here in the Physical World for more than some fleeting moments. It is my intention to carry this Peace with me forever more. To bring it into each day!

We CAN DO This!

Practice Being. Then notice the feeling we want while in that moment can help us start.

Walking to Cultivate a Peaceful Moment in the Woods at the local park.

Then… We can Recall this feeling in the tougher moments. I do it by recalling the memories of moments such as these. Some will look at pictures to help them. Some will use music to help get them in that zone. Others, meditation. There are No Wrong answers here. Do what works for You. *These are not even the whole list of things you can try!!! Get Creative with it! 🌞🌝

This is how we Cultivate our own Unique Peaceful Moments. Fun Fact… You can do this with ANY Feeling and Energy you want to bring more into each day!

The Magic Is Yours to Wield. You ever need assistance in connecting to your own Magic and/or Guides.. I am here to Help!

I Love You.
Sending you Peace and Happy today.


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