My Open Spell Book

I am Opening up my own Personal Spell Book for you to learn and create from! These are Spells and Rituals with basic instructions that you can build your own Workings off of. Feel free to modify them as you need too! Remember, stuff you find in your cabinets and at the grocery store works JUST AS WELL as the specialty stuffs. If you don’t have the funds to get something special, that is OK! Many love to forage for herbs and supplies as well. Do what you can and Do Not over extend yourself. We never want to spend too much or deplete our energy too much doing Spell Workings. If you find yourself feeling icky before, during, or after a working… go cleanse yourself. It can help a lot. Some tips you can read in my article, The Importance of Good Spiritual Hygiene

I will be adding more as time goes on.

This Ritual is one I am performing on Memorial Day.

Read all the instructions and why I am including these elements HERE.

The Ritual of Cherished Memory is designed to help us connect to passed on loved ones.

You can read these simple instrutions HERE.