Adventurous Spirit Advanced Course

All Courses are being Refined and will be Available Soon!

The Adventurous Spirit Advanced Course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore incorporating a more Shamanic Path into modern practice. The Prerequisite for this course is either taking the Adventurous Spirit Foundations Course or passing an assessment to see how developed your current Intuitive Skills and Practices are. I will also Connect with your Spiritual Team to help with the assessment.

Lessons Include:

Course runs 13 weeks. Every week you get a Video lesson so you can learn at your pace. You will learn the techniques many Shamans, Seers, Energy Healers and more use in their craft. These will include:
Dreamwalking & Dreamworking
Astral Projection- Also known as Shamanic Journey,
Channeling Energy to help yourself and others,
Creating and Exploring your own Energetic Realm,
Power Animal Retrievals,
Soul Retrievals,
Helping the Deceased heal and move on to what is next for them,
The 13th lesson is a one on one session with me to perform the Ceremony to grant you the Munay Ki Shamanic Rites.

This course will be available starting March 2024

Freebies Included:

*Student will receive a Free notebook featuring my art to record meditative journeys.
*Student will receive the Free to Play Inner Child Guided Meditation with Healing. ($33 value, Free)
*Student will receive a personalized Digital Watercolor of that Power Animal with a message for them as well. $149 value, FREE) If you went through the Foundations course, you will get a second (different) Power Animal portrait here.  
*Student will receive 4 months access to the Uniquely Inspired Group Healing Sessions ($352 Value Free)
*Student will have unlimited access to the Adventurous Spirit Academy Support Facebook Group
Total in freebies= $546


Cost for the course is $1081. That Angel Number is a reminder to focus on your own Spiritual Practice and Connect with your Inner Self. Ready to Enroll? Click Here for the payment link.

Payment Plans are available. Just email me at or use the Contact Form.