Spiritual and Resiliency Mentoring

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. There is nothing wrong with that. My Spiritual Team and I are here to help! We provide one on one mentoring sessions for many areas:

Shadow Work- how to do it and incorporate your Spiritual Team
How to communicate with your Guides
Spell Work
Protective Measures
Creating and implementing a Self Care Plan
Understanding the Law of Attraction
Building Resiliency in all areas of your life
Understanding different paths and how to find yours
How to find balance and maintain it during times of stress/emotion/ascensions
Building a relationship with your Soul- Yes you can talk to your Soul as you do your Guides!
Understanding your Chakras and how they connect you to everything
Connect to Nature, the Elements and Spirits
Let us help you develop your gifts
Honoring and working with your Ancestors
Working with Deities
Working with Angels
Working with The Divine in all it’s Aspects
Using Spiritual Tools
Using Shamanic Tools
Change your mindset
Change the way you look at things- Find the Good within the Bad
Learn about Unconditional Love and how You Deserve It!

Each session is 60-75 minutes long via zoom and can cover a variety of subjects. Individually tailored to You!

Always Remember- You are Valid, You are Accepted, You are Loved