Uniquely Happy!

All Courses are being Refined and will be Available Soon!

Do you find yourself overthinking good things and situations within your life? Like you feel you are waiting for that other shoe to drop…

Have you found yourself wondering when was the last time you were feeling Happy?

Have you said that Happiness is a fleeting emotion, never sticks around for long? I felt that way for YEARS.

Are you open minded to Spiritual, Witchy and Traditional methods to aid this shift into a Happier You?

The Uniquely Happy course is a step-by-step program that will teach you how to craft simple and effective rituals to help you shift your focus, create a lighter mood and happier you within 30 Days.

Features include:
*Short (10-12 min) Daily Video lessons complete with Energy Healing in each. Homework is assigned and a part of the course requirements. These lessons are pre-recorded and sent to you via email every day.
*2 Guided Meditations with Energy Healing as part of the course.
*Course Notes for each lesson in a Word Document so you can take notes as you feel guided
* Access to the Uniquely Inspired Group Healing sessions for the duration of the course. These weekly live sessions are full of Energy Healing, Tarot/Oracle Readings and Channeled Messages with your Spiritual Teams. Replays get sent out so everyone still benefits, even if they cannot make the live. ($88 Value for FREE)
*Unlimited Access to the Adventurous Spirit Academy Private Facebook group! This group is designed to help provide accountability, support, validation, tips, and more! Here you will be able to connect with other open-minded people on a similar journey. I will offer advice, support, journal prompts, articles, Meditations, and more in the group. You will be able to report on your homework within the group or to me via email if you prefer a more private discussion. The choice is yours.

By the end of this Course, you will have:

  1. A Conscious Routine that will continuously improve your Emotional Balance and Overall Happiness.
  2. Reduced Negative Intrusive Thoughts and Increased Supporting Thoughts.
  3. Increased ability to shift from overthinking & worrying to a Calmer and Happier state of mind.

Who is this program for? People who are open minded to Spiritual Methods and Energy Healing who want to achieve enhanced feelings of Happiness in their daily lives.

Who is this program not for? People who don’t accept Spiritual, Holistic, or Alternative practices.

Cost: $253 for the full program. Why 253? That Angel Number brings us messages of letting go of fears and worries so they can be healed and transmuted. This number indicates that a Happy and more Positive move is in the works within and around you. These positive New Beginnings will help you creatively express yourself and connect with your heart, goals, and dreams!

The next Uniquely Happy Course will be back January 2024. I will send out each lesson to the email you use when you sign up. You may interact with me using my email and the Adventurous Spirit Academy Facebook group. Sign up Here.