Unlock The Power Within

3 Months of Magickal Mentoring

Digital Watercolor created by me, Niki Jones as part of my Love Your Phases Art Brand

Want to Unlock The Power Within You?

Want to Connect to your Spiritual Team?

Want to deepen your Connection to your Intuition and Higher Self?

Want to expand your Spiritual Skills and Gifts?

Want to learn techniques and rituals to help you regulate your own Energy and Connect easier to your Spiritual Team, Manifest your Dreams and More?

Work with me 1 on 1 and we will help you Unlock The Power Within You!

Over this 3 month program, you will get:
* a Live 40 min session every other week via zoom- each session is unique to you.
* Connect with your Spiritual Team
* Guided Meditations
* Personal Tarot and Oracle Readings
* Energy Healing and Activations
* Journal Prompts
* Continuous Support for questions, understanding dreams and signs, guidance and more!

Every week you get support from me!
This entire program is tailored to You and Your Unique Needs!

FREEBIES Included are:
Autographed copy of my Dream Work Journal
Custom Soul Tree Portrait (this is an intuitive painting of your Energy and how it aligns with a specific tree along with a report on what it means and how it relates to you.

This program gives Continuous support for 3 months and is $600 total!
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*Payment Plans are available-email for details
*Members of my Uniquely Inspired Group Healing sessions get a discount-email me for special pricing
*Clients who purchase a You Are Supported Session to Connect with members of your Spiritual Team also receive a discount-email for special pricing More info on this session can be found HERE