Cycle Breaker Cleanse & Energy Healing

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Can’t get past certain events in your life? Feel like you have unhealthy attachments to people, addictions, negativity, energies or even Spirits?

My Spiritual Team and I are ready to help! Working with you and Your Spiritual Team, we can cut all of the ties that are holding you back.

You will feel:
Lighter! Many have said that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders
Relief from attachments that are draining your energy
Free from harmful and negative entities and Spirits

The Energy Healing that comes with this Cleanse is designed to heal the connection points that we cut. It will also boost your strength, resolve, and confidence so you can continue to heal and work on your self care long after this session.

Our goal is to set you up for long term sustainable results!

This service is provided by zoom. Keep in mind that during the Shamanic Journey my eyes will be closed as I Journey with my Team and “see” with my Shaman Eyes. There will be points where I will ask you to also close your eyes and relax so we may perform the integration and healing process.