Power Animal Retrieval

Snow Leopard Power Animal

Power Animals are quite literally the Spirit of the Entire Species! They have so much they can- and want- to teach us! Let my Spiritual Team and I unite you with your Power Animal. We will go on a Shamanic Journey with them into the Spirit Realm on your behalf and bring your Power Animal to you! It doesn’t matter if we are states or even countries apart. We can Shamanic Journey to you Where You Are to unite you. I will also use divination methods and my Medium skills to introduce them to you and inform you of the many ways they can guide and aid you in your life’s journey. I will also coach you on how you can keep in communication with them. Power Animals want to help us in so many aspects of our lives. We just need to ask.

This service is provided by zoom. Keep in mind that during the Shamanic Journey my eyes will be closed as I Journey with my Team and “see” with my Shaman Eyes. There will be points where I will ask you to also close your eyes and relax so we may perform the integration and healing process.