Soul Retrieval

Our Souls are unique and wonderful. Often, times of trauma, disease and extreme distress will cause parts of our Soul to fragment. These fragments go into the Spirit Realms waiting to be healed and reunited with us. They are most often found in the care of a Power Animal, Guide, Ancestor or Guardian. My Spiritual Team and I will go on a Shamanic Journey to find these missing fragments. We will heal them and heal you in the process of reuniting you with All of your missing parts. It does not matter if we are states or even countries apart as the Journey will end at delivering and integrating the fragments into your Soul. We will then perform an Energy Healing to support complete balance between your body and Soul.

This service is provided by zoom. Keep in mind that during the Shamanic Journey my eyes will be closed as I Journey with my Team and “see” with my Shaman Eyes. There will be points where I will ask you to also close your eyes and relax so we may perform the integration and healing process.