Spiritual Communication

Ever wonder who is guiding you? Everyone has a Guide, Right? That answer is a resounding Yes! The Divine in all it’s Glory WANTS a relationship with us! Get to know your Spiritual Team!

We all have:
Power Animals
Gods and Goddesses

They want to help us, we just have to build the relationship and ask.

My Spiritual Team and I will go on a Shamanic Journey to connect you with those who are rooting for you and want to help. I will also use other forms of divination to relay to you what they want you to know. I will then coach you on how to keep in contact with them and the many ways they reach out to us.

This service is provided by phone, skype or zoom depending on your preference. Keep in mind that during the Shamanic Journey my eyes will be closed as I Journey with my Team and “see” with my Shaman Eyes. I will relay messages to you from them.