Mental Change Sessions

Tired of that relentless inner critic? Sick of hearing the “Negative Nelly” voice in the back of your head all the time? Need help getting though some extreme emotional responses or past traumatic events that seem to be overwhelming? Want to quit smoking, drinking or anything else? Want to lose weight or have other goals you are struggling with?

Let my Spiritual Team and I hack your brain to help you retrain your brain to find the good in life again! Let us help you release the “I can’t” mentality. I will go on a Shamanic Journey with my Spiritual Team to find exactly what you need to help you in your goals. You will feel empowered! You will feel inspired! You will feel supported! You learn how to stay calm in highly charged situations. You will feel more resilient! You will realize that YOU can dream Big! You will realize that You are Enough! You are Worthy! You are Worthy of feeling good! You are Worthy of Love and Acceptance!

Change your thoughts and you will Change Your Reality! Change is never easy. We can help you through combination of Shamanic methods, meditation and mentoring to support you in releasing what is needed and send energy to boost your resolve, strength, confidence, health, courage, and More!

This service is provided by phone, skype or zoom depending on your preference. Keep in mind that during the Shamanic Journey my eyes will be closed as I Journey with my Team and “see” with my Shaman Eyes. There will be points where I will ask you to also close your eyes and relax so we may perform the meditation and energy channeling.