Relaxing Your Mind Through Meditations

Now I know many people think you have to be spiritual or have magical powers in order to meditate.  That is simply Not True at all.  Meditation is a spell many use to calm and quiet their minds.  Meditation helps us get in touch with our bodies and our own energy.  It is a tool to quiet that little incessant voice in the mind that keeps saying things like “I can’t do this”, “I am not good enough”, “I will never get a job”, “Everything is hard right now and it will never get better”, They don’t like me” and so much more.

As a Bard, I use music to help sooth the soul and calm the body.  Many others, Monks for example, concentrate on their breathing or even chant.  The point is to concentrate on something so when those thoughts come, and they will, you can acknowledge them and just let them move on.  Go back to concentrating on the music, breath, whatever you choose.  The thoughts will come and go, come and go, just like the waves of the ocean.  Relax and concentrate.  That is it!  Seems pretty simple, right?  The point of short meditation is to get you out of the headspace that has you stressed, worried or obsessed.  It puts you in a calmer frame of mind so you can handle what you are facing.  Five to ten minutes is all you need sometimes!

There are even guided meditations where you listen to someone instructing you how to relax and what to visualize.  These are great because concentrating on the visuals can be extremely soothing!  Almost like dreaming you are on a relaxing vacation.    Below I have linked several different types of meditations you can try.  Practice and do what feels right for you.

From Daily Calm, Mindfulness, 10 minutes:

From Goodful, For Anxiety, 10 minutes:

From Great Meditation, Positive Energy, 10 minutes:

From Reiki Rachael, Magical Mind, 21 minutes:  I love this one!

If you just like music there is so much on YouTube that is designed for meditations, background noise, and even sleep!  I hope you enjoy and explore.

Your friend and teacher,

Blade- The Metal Maiden

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