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What kind of bard would I be if I didn’t include music in here somewhere? Huh? A bad one! That’s What! Music has the power to change our mood! Inspire people to do things they never thought were possible! Why else would all your sporting events and competitions have music that pumps everyone up? Every team that takes the field, has music that gets their hearts going. Wrestlers have their own theme songs! What do you think your theme song is? What songs get you in the groove or zone? What makes you smile and feel like you can take on the world? I asked Niki to get on the socials? I think that is what she called them… Anyways, to ask her friends and strangers what music in this realm helps you all feel inspired, hopeful and feisty. I noticed she seemed down and wanted to get her creative juices flowing again. That always helps me, so why wouldn’t it help others? There is a good list here!! I want to grow this list, however! Comment on your favorites that are not included yet. I will add them! The more help we get out there, The Better!

*** We do not own the rights to any of this music and give absolutely FULL CREDIT to the awesome Bards, Bands and Artists who created these masterpeices! *** I am including the “Official Video, Official Audio, etc…” where available on Youtube. *Small disclaimer for language in some of these songs.* In no particular order, here they are!

Name and TitleLink to Youtube Videos for Songs
Kingdom Collapse- Unbreakable
Halestorm- I Am The Fire
Halestorm- Black Vultures
Awake At Last- The Change
Carrie Underwood- The Champion (ft Ludacris)
Sevendust- Live Again
Nina Simone- Feeling Good
AC/DC- Thunderstruck
Pink (P!nk)- Perfect
Otherwise- Soldiers
Sia- Unstoppable
Nonpoint- Alive and Kicking
Nonpoint- Frontlines
Nonpoint- Be Enough
Coldplay w/BTS- My Universe
Adelita’s Way- Invincible
Adelita’s Way- Still Hungry
Pharrel Williams- Happy
Britney Spears- Stronger
Killswitch Engage- Signal Fire
Killswitch Engage- I Am Broken Too
Avenged Sevenfold- Carry On
Sarah Hester Ross- Savage Daughter
BTS- Not Today
BTS- Mic Drop
Drowning Pool- Step Up
Taylor Swift- Willow
Five Finger Death Punch- Lift me Up
Imagine Dragons- On Top Of The World
Natasha Bedingfield- Unwritten
Lizzo- Good As Hell
Oh Honey- Be Okay
America- Horse With No Name
Shinedown- Get Up
Shinedown- State Of My Head
Shinedown- How Did You Love
Shinedown- Brilliant
Shinedown- Atlas Falls
Shinedown- Diamond Eyes
Papa Roach- Born For Greatness
Skillet- Feel Invincible

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